The Mentalist – S06.07 and S06.08 – The Great Red Dragon, and Red John

Tyger, tyger. After the big twist from last episode, Miz and TechSupport can’t believe they waited so long to watch the next episodes!! So two episode marathon over dinner begins. And what an awesome two episode stint!

It was confirmed that Director Bertrum and Agent Smith are both part of the Red John – both are acting suspicious, with tattoos and with dirty cops/judges/agents all around!! (Also, big up to the writers for destroying all the other suspects fast by explosion).

And now for the bid reveal over these episodes – MIZ WAS RIGHT!!! Red John was indeed the Sheriff!!! FOR THE WIN!! “Was” as Jane has his revenge finally. That reveal was amazeballs.

Okay, numerous other things happened in these episode. But the above is the big spoiler and reveal.

– Bertrum at Jane’s bedside was spooky. Scalpel in hand and asking Lisbon to get him coffee. Risky. I don’t blame Lisbon for opening up, especially as she thought that Smith was Red John after seeing the three dots on his shoulder and he tried to shoot her.

– When Rigsby heard from Jane on the phone that he shouldn’t trust any law enforcement, his reaction and face was brilliant.

– Tyger, tyger actually means “are you part of my super cool and corrupt group?”.

– Agent Smith’s interview was entertaining, in particular when he asked for immunity and protection and Jane was like oh-no: you can walk out of here if you want and good luck with that! ha. Get up off your ass and walk but hey, good luck getting out of the building before your friends catch up with you.

– Red John’s super secret and corrupt organisation is known as The Blake Association after the Tyger Blake poem. Someone went to their English literature classes in this show.

– The disguise that Bartrum used to flee the scene (dressed up as one of the many SWAT officers) was inspired genius.

– The FBI Agent Abbott was a bit of a left field, especially with a writ from a federal judge. Both the Agent and the Judge could be part of the Association. We don’t know who to trust anymore!!

– When Lisbon, Cho, Grace and Rigsby all turned out in support of Jane and subsequently got arrested, this moment was super sweet. bittersweet as well, but still touching. The sarcasm in the car while they were waiting for the next step was hilarious. OK fine, don’t relax. Break the window with your forehead and we’ll all jump out and make a run for it.

– Cordero shooting Bertram was a twist. We guessed it watching it, but still. Good twist.

– After the big Red John reveal, it was hilarious and crafty that Jane took him down with a BIRD and a hidden gun. Fear of pigeons. Good times.

– Of course the lady was a Red John minion. They are everywhere.

– There’s no way that someone could run for as long as Sheriff did having a gut wound.

– I half expected Jane to not kill him. Certainty squeezing the life out of him was traumatic. I hope Jane found everything he needed and spend the last 10 years searching for with that death.

– Cry. Jane leaving a message to Lisbon: It’s over. It’s done. I just want you to know that I’m OK and I’m going to miss you.

I hope he comes back 😦

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