Hart of Dixie – S03.02 – Friends in Low Places

Joel is comic relief for Bluebell – it’s too hot and there is too much adjustment. Allergic reactions to cumin and peanuts, fire ants. Hilarious. As was Tom’s fan reaction to meeting “famous author” Joel. Also enjoyable is Joel seeing Bluebell through the eyes of a new resident.

Sex all around: Lemon and Meatball, George and (Levon’s cousin) Linley. Both of which will be great when the close-knitted community gets wind of these sexytimes. The sexytimes-that-aren’t-happening-but-everyone-thinks-they-are-having-relations are Wade and Lemon. Good times. Lemon is just so highly strung that this “friends with benefits” regime is enjoyable.

Linley is manipulative and has Levon wrapped around her little finger!! Levon is so naive when it comes to women … Good luck to him. At least Annabeth is around. She’s most excellent. Not as excellent as Rose, who would be a regular.


Hart of Dixie – S03.01 – Who Says You Can’t Go Home

Miz’s guilty pleasure. Gilmore Girls set. Love triangles. This is excellent. Team Zoe and George 4 EVAS.

And the premiere didn’t disappoint! Rose turned up in New York to tell Zoe off for missing her 16th birthday. Zoe Hart came back to Bluebell to mend fences and say goodbye for good before settling back in New York. Rick didn’t sign the reference letter. Zoe wore short shorts. Wade drunk beer. Rammer Jammer is still standing which means Lemon and Wade are making a go of that business. Lemon is angry at the world and fakes it til she makes it. Annabeth (“A.B”) wears super cool dresses still (and apparently is a series regular now yeeha!).

Zoe finds George and he is a hairy beardy man in a hotel who has been hiding out for the past 5 months. She sends Lemon to save the day and make George save the Founders Day parade. And there are a freaking sweet training montage and it was great!!

Lemon is also having secret secret sex. With Meatball. Awesome. This is so so awesome for a highly strung character. Lemon and Wade are pretending to be in relationship to screw with Zoe. Haha, good luck with that.

And poor Earl, Wade’s dad, hurt his finger and it’s a bad blood poisoning thing. Wade and Zoe had to pull an all-nighter to save the day and it was sweet. Earl such a cute matchmaker ha. Pity that it’s hard for Wade to get movement with Zoe given he cheated. Though I know he cares for he. So tough I guess.

Joel turns up in Bluebell and he’s super dorky and it’s cute. He’s totally going to get eaten alive by Bluebell patrons, but it’s super cute his enthusiasm. I’m not buying his and Zoe’s relationship but prediction: he will fall in love with another Blueblue dear. Or he will leave which will be sad. Watch this space.