HIMYM – S09.01 (The Locket)

Miz and TechSupport have been fans of How I Met Your Mother since the beginning of their tv marathons. I don;t think anyone could underestimate how much fans of this series want (a) a satisfying legend-wait-for-it-ary ending, and (b) Ted to FINALLY get the girl (probably to stop the whining too:P)!!

This episode is apparently the first of a two-part season premier and we started to see how the mother interacted with Lily on the train, and how Ted is coping with Robin and Barney’s upcoming nuptials (not to mention that Robin and Barney thought they were related!). Guest appearance with Wayne Brady worked well as did Ted’s scene in the cafe (and JJ – creepy reporter guy from Revenge was the desk clerk, small tv world!!). The weakest story point was Marshall/Lily/Marvin/being a judge but no doubt that will be explored soon enough.

Big props to Barney for the quote of the episode:

Barney: Our wedding is gonna be legendary.
Robin: No wait for it?
Barney: I’ve got you, I don’t have to wait for it anymore.