Scandal – Season 2

Oh dear, yes we finished this season too. And it was great. BUT HE’S FATHER!!! Gasp shock horror etc and so forth


Scandal – S02.04 to S02.09 (Blown away)

Okay, all the episodes are muddled together, so instead Miz is going to tell you what she thinks of all the characters so far.

Fitz: Pres is shot and unsure whether he will die or not. He’s got to live so that Scumbag Lady VP stops being a dooshbag.

Mellie: I feel like she knew that something bad was going to happen at the gala. But then she was genuinely upset. There’s no doubt that she is a political mastermind though.

Olivia: She is awesome personified. Am enjoying her as press secretary in this time of crisis. I also like that she is everyone’s “go to” on this show for advice, wine, friendship etc. I bet this gets her too close to things though. She does have an excellent wardrobe.

Huck: Best. Character. Would make the worst enemy and I hope he gets Becky. Though I can’t help but wondering how he didn’t think she wouldn’t be listening to his and Harrison’s phone call?? Even I wouldn’t have done set her up over the phone/internet. Killing “his family” would have been an awful awful blow to him. Sad face.

Cyrus: The most dangerous psychopath. But perhaps as loyal as Dexter is to Deborah? Who knows – every time I think I have him sorted, he does something 180 (like staying in touch with assassin Charlie).

Abby: Still has amazing hair. She whines a lot.

Quinn and Harrison: Meh at the moment. Supporting characters in this storyline as Huck is my favourite. Sure, Harrison is now Olivia’s 2IC but he had to hurt Abby in the process. Quinn is totally finding out about Huck but maybe it’s better for her if she doesn’t know. Dog with a bone.

David and James: This pairing will be powerful. Like super cute dogs with bones. I look forward to seeing what erupts from this alliance.

Vice President Sally lady: Scumbag. I appreciated that Cyrus told her off in a magnificent fashion – not that it did any good in the long run.

Edison: He is super cute and I actually think him and Olivia could work amazingly together. She laughs with him. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Olivia needs to move to France or somewhere where Fitz is not.

Supreme Court judge lady: Yip, knew she was going to be a loose unit. Olivia put too much trust in her, treated her as a friend, and now she is backstabbing her (with info about Huck) to save her own skin. Well DUH. Everyone at that round table secret society (except for Olivia) are only out to save their own bacon.

Energy oil Doyle guy: With a name like Doyle, you are very very evil. And slimey. AND YOU KILLED ALL THE PEOPLE with the bomb thingy and Cytron. Surely someone must kill him in order to hide all the secret of that round table but also as payback?



Scandal – S02.03 – Hunting Season

Ooo I want secret service agents who will keep me safe and turn the other way when I make silly decisions. Not that I make a lot of those types of decisions!! I just like the idea of them.

I DON’T like the idea of spying on people. That freaks me out. Hidden cameras, recordings, the whole shambang. And I believed Artie. Same on me. And on Huck. Turns out Huck isn’t good at reading people anymore – wonder if this will illustrate throughout the rest of the season?

Anyway, there is thing called Thorngate which allows NSA to spy on citizens. Artie comes to Olivia for protection. It doesn’t end well. Looks like Olivia and/or Huck have enemies who still want to get them. Huck was nice to Olivia and told her she wasn’t allowed to walk to her car by herself ever again.

Big reveal: Olivia used to like Edison, and Edison is now Senator on the Intelligence Committee. And really really good looking. So good looking in fact that Fitz is super mad and Olivia and him have this super mad slash passionate pashing scene while the secret service people turn their backs (hence earlier comment).

Second big reveal: Abby and David pashed a bit. It was good, but then Olivia got orders to close them down. Which made me sad.

And and then Mellie basically said she wants to be President one day. No biggie.


Scandal – S02.02 – The Other Woman

This was an episode all about mistresses. Sympathy for mistresses. Waving the flag for mistresses.

A famous pastor died while having sexytime with his long standing mistress. To which he has a kid. And Olivia feels somewhat empathic to the mistress given that’s her position with Fitz. Sigh. For an intelligent person, she really should just move to France or something and leave.him.alone.

Is Cyrus an evil genius? This causes Miz to go NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo. James is cute but how they every work is beyond me. Cyrus will totally use James’ desire for a fat chubby baby at some point.

Huck is still the best character; Guillermo Diaz is amazing. Even if he used to be a monster – though it’s trying super hard to not be one anymore. He even goes to AA for his addiction to “whiskey”. Hopefully HUck and Quinn become BFFs given they both have new identities care of Olivia.


Scandal – S0201 – White Hat’s Off

So Quinn was framed for the murder of her boyfriend. Boyfriend may have found out a secret. Murder of boyfriend was through a bomb that actually killed 6 others as well. But Quinn gets off because Olivia calls ina favour – dones’t make the justice system look any better than the white house!! Meanwhile Millie is just amazing at political manipulation. Couldn’t be her, but OMG she’s amazeballs.

Big reveal: Olivia and Huck kidnapped Quinn and gave her a new identity. Miz wonders how long it will be until Quinn works this out? (Probably not very long).

Another big reveal: Stephen has gone from the team and show. Did people not like his character? Did Olivia Pope and Associates have too many people? I was expecting him to be doing Olivia’s dirty work somewhere offscreen but it doesn’t look that way.


Scandal – S0107 – Grant for the People (finale!)

Miz watched 8 or 9 episodes of Scandal over the weekend. Addiction. But that’s okay – it’s because the writers leave cliffhangers, so that makes Miz have THOUGHTS and FEELINGS. Thus, here is a short reaction for each episode…

Quinn’s secret identity is a bombshelll (see what I did there?!) and it was sad that Gideon/LieToMe guy died. Stupid Chief of Staff of VP was the bad guy. And then Stephen steps in and tells Olivia that she cannot have the Pres. Of course it made sense for Millie to claim she was on the tape. However, the new baby storyline? Surely the “royal” doctor would be able to tell conception dates yadda yadda.

Big reveal: The torturer of Amanda was actually in Cyrus’ pocket the whole time. But we are meant to like him!! Oh EMOTIONS.


Scandal – S01.05 – Crash and Burn

Plane crashes aren’t at all exciting. The investigations and resulting public relations are interesting because of all the mud slinging that occurs in public, and even more that must happen behind closed doors. And this was interesting. But really this plot point just gave Olivia’s B Team something to focus on while Olivia mooned over Pres Scumbag and Huck tortured someone.

The MOST interesting person this episode was Huck. Man, he’s nasty. But a reformed piece of nasty. So Miz still likes him. telling the team how he would stake out the apartment in order to keep tabs on Olivia, and kidnap Amanda, was most excellent. Then turns out he knows the person paid to abduct Amanda and learns that Amanda is dead.

Huck had a breakdown after working for Black Ops for CIA and his history was erased, no family or friends contactable, and Olivia picked him up and made him part of her family. And it is apparently that he loved the thrill of torturing and capturing people, so that Olivia straightened him out. So when Olivia asks him to find Amanda’s body, you knew it was an awful awful thing to ask…

Now I never warmed to Amanda Paris but still, she didn’t deserve to die in a political game to keep her silent of her baby or deal she made with another person. Pres Scumbag at least looked upset, whereas Cyrus looked like an ass and couldn’t give a toss. Olivia told Pres where her body was located (thanks to Huck’s efforts). Then we found out (via Stephen who used his “wits”) that Amanda’s baby wasn’t the Presidents. oh la la.

Lady Vice Pres seems like a doosh. I suspect she was written that way so we think she masterminded the whole Pres-Amanda blackmail tape. But then Pres Scum forced her to vote in a way she didn’t want to (I was wondering whether there was any form of cabinet solidarity for non-conscious votes. Silly American politics.).

Pres Scumbag did have one of the best scenes this week though where he tried to be spontaneous and leave the White House. Sure, he went straight to Olivia’s. Well of course he did. He lusts/loves her.

Til next week…