The Mentalist – S06.09 and S06.10

Caught myself up. Oh la la!

Two years in advance. No Red John. Jane speaking Spanish. And it was totes obvious that the other American, hot lady person, was a plant. Agent Kim Fischer is a new character and does mix things up a bit. Jane will be playing with Kim’s mind and this will add a new dimension to the series. Also, surely they will have to clean up all the various agents of Red John? SURELY.

Miz appreciates Cho’s deadpan look. He’s SUCH an FBI agent isn’t he. I just want him to find true love now.

So many things to say. Anyway, glad that this series is going to take a slight twist now that Red John is dead-ed.


The Mentalist – S06.07 and S06.08 – The Great Red Dragon, and Red John

Tyger, tyger. After the big twist from last episode, Miz and TechSupport can’t believe they waited so long to watch the next episodes!! So two episode marathon over dinner begins. And what an awesome two episode stint!

It was confirmed that Director Bertrum and Agent Smith are both part of the Red John – both are acting suspicious, with tattoos and with dirty cops/judges/agents all around!! (Also, big up to the writers for destroying all the other suspects fast by explosion).

And now for the bid reveal over these episodes – MIZ WAS RIGHT!!! Red John was indeed the Sheriff!!! FOR THE WIN!! “Was” as Jane has his revenge finally. That reveal was amazeballs.

Okay, numerous other things happened in these episode. But the above is the big spoiler and reveal.

– Bertrum at Jane’s bedside was spooky. Scalpel in hand and asking Lisbon to get him coffee. Risky. I don’t blame Lisbon for opening up, especially as she thought that Smith was Red John after seeing the three dots on his shoulder and he tried to shoot her.

– When Rigsby heard from Jane on the phone that he shouldn’t trust any law enforcement, his reaction and face was brilliant.

– Tyger, tyger actually means “are you part of my super cool and corrupt group?”.

– Agent Smith’s interview was entertaining, in particular when he asked for immunity and protection and Jane was like oh-no: you can walk out of here if you want and good luck with that! ha. Get up off your ass and walk but hey, good luck getting out of the building before your friends catch up with you.

– Red John’s super secret and corrupt organisation is known as The Blake Association after the Tyger Blake poem. Someone went to their English literature classes in this show.

– The disguise that Bartrum used to flee the scene (dressed up as one of the many SWAT officers) was inspired genius.

– The FBI Agent Abbott was a bit of a left field, especially with a writ from a federal judge. Both the Agent and the Judge could be part of the Association. We don’t know who to trust anymore!!

– When Lisbon, Cho, Grace and Rigsby all turned out in support of Jane and subsequently got arrested, this moment was super sweet. bittersweet as well, but still touching. The sarcasm in the car while they were waiting for the next step was hilarious. OK fine, don’t relax. Break the window with your forehead and we’ll all jump out and make a run for it.

– Cordero shooting Bertram was a twist. We guessed it watching it, but still. Good twist.

– After the big Red John reveal, it was hilarious and crafty that Jane took him down with a BIRD and a hidden gun. Fear of pigeons. Good times.

– Of course the lady was a Red John minion. They are everywhere.

– There’s no way that someone could run for as long as Sheriff did having a gut wound.

– I half expected Jane to not kill him. Certainty squeezing the life out of him was traumatic. I hope Jane found everything he needed and spend the last 10 years searching for with that death.

– Cry. Jane leaving a message to Lisbon: It’s over. It’s done. I just want you to know that I’m OK and I’m going to miss you.

I hope he comes back 😦

The Mentalist – Fire and Brimstone

So, seemingly this episode whittles down the Red John suspects to three, excludes the Visualize members, a gun shot goes off, and there is an explosion where no doubt someone/some people are killed (or made to look like they are killed). Miz needs some time to digest this episode as there were many illusions to past RJ crimes.

New prediction: It’s going to be the Sheriff. Well that’s my thoughts for this week.

(Also it seems as though this episode has been postponed in the US of A until next Sunday due to NFL overrun.)


The Mentalist – S06.03 (Wedding in Red), S06.04 (Red Listed), and S06.05 (Red Tattoo)

Miz and TechSupport caught up on the three most recent episodes of The Mentalist over Labour Weekend, so now should be up to date! Olster, we can now discuss all the twists and turns as they happen!!

– Reede Smith is a bad bad guy, but probably just an agent of Red John rather than the devil incarnate. He killed Kirkland and said “Tiger Tiger” which we now know is the code name for these agents. He was also so deadpan when Kirkland confided in him.

– Kirkland on the other hand wasn’t Red John, he was just on the war-path to seek vengeance for his brother, and his tactics were mean! He torched and tortured people on Jane’s fake suspect list and really you learnt he was as bad as Red John by killing innocent people.He got shot in the back 6 times and Wayne surely smells something fishy. Detective Cordera’s report was just weird and his manner was off. You go be a hero Wayne!!

– Sheriff McAllister could still be Red John though he isn’t afraid of heights (though this is could be a red herring of course). But at least he’s still in the running – even if he seems nice. There was some good banter between him and Jane so he may be playing him one way or another.

– Red John has a tattoo on his left shoulder. That should narrow down suspects, assuming you can get shirts off them!

– Cho isn’t Red John because he didn’t attack Kira Tinsley. I mean, he still could be but I hope not! Also, she was fishy from the get go – I was assuming journalist but yeah, she def had another motive.

– Grace and Wayne got married in what was the quickest engagement EVER, and Cho did cute stuff for their trip from the registry to their hotel. It was very cute!

– It is weird that Grace took her wedding dress to Napa. That’s weirder than her keeping the dress that she was going to marry the agent in. Who brings their dress wedding dress along on a work trip, especially when they aren’t even engaged?!

– Noone should propose at another person’s wedding. Firm belief.

– I wish I looked like Grace does in underwear and I don’t even have a kid!!! Wolf whistle of appreciation!

– Madeleine Hightower is alive and just in hiding. Yah her. It’s been a while since we’ve seen her (season 3 finale to be precise) “Next time I hear from you you better be telling me Red John is dead.” Jane: “Deal.” This was a telling line and showed her support for Jane, which wasn’t evident in the earlier seasons.

– Bret Stiles is missing. We haven’t seen or heard from him since the list was found. Could he be the father of Red John or something weird?

Fro: http://allieiswired.com/archives/2013/10/the-mentalist-season-6-episode-3-wedding-in-red-recap/

Prediction #1: Basically these last few episodes have made Miz think that we will find out who red John is soon, and then there will be a battle of wills between Jane and John – cat and mouse game if you will – rather than a simple death. Jane has to triumph but hopefully Red John is revealed soon and then it’s GAME ON.

Prediction #2: Still reckon Red John is Haffner and have for the last three blog posts. Oo la la -longest prediction being right ever ha. You’re so much smarter than everyone else but it isn’t helping you catch Red John is it? SASS. Also Haffner is a creep the way he eye-balls Lisbon. Shudder.

The Mentalist – S06.02 – Black-Winged Redbird

Miz and TechSupport watched this episode and two reactions came to mind:

1) SHUDDER and DISAPPOINTMENT. There is totally going to be more than one Red John. URGH. Worst possible ending to this storyline EVER. Are they all agents? Or is Red John simply a collection of people? Too. Many. Questions.

2) YES DRONES. They are excellent. Techy godness.


So basically, this episode was one of Miz’s least favourite. Jane’s love/like of Lisbon was shown when he was worried about he and wanted to rid her of Red John’s smiley face, but rest of the episode was meh. Sophie Miller was dead from the beginning (remembering that Red John has requested Lisbon’s head through Lorelei in previous seasons) and surely Red John would have understood that doctors generally dictate notes so that “lead” could be another red herring.

Other points:

– A nurse came into Lisbon’s room looking for Carmen Lee. That name will totally pop up again.

– Reed asked Bertram who much Jane knew – what was that?!

– At least we were introduced to the Sheriff again. Miz didn’t know what he looked like.

– Lisbon is just as far into this storyline as Jane is. They will bring him down. A woman scorned and all that.

– Grace/Amanda is looking VERY slim (and lovely at that) after having a baby. She just glows. Motherhood must agree with her.


Miz would rather Red John was Cho than it be multiple people. I guess it could be an “organisation” but still… Unless it’s Visualize, this would be disappointing.


New prediction: Red John is Haffner. I think this is too obvious but I like his character the least so he’s hiding something. Maybe a death in family, double-lifeor something.


The Mentalist – S06.01 – Desert Rose

Shortly after posting the previous blog about the previous season (5) of the Mentalist, Miz received a txt from Olster to say that season 6 starts off with a bang and that I will enjoy them! So with that glowing endorsement, Miz HAD to get right into the next episodes so that she is up-to-date. Keeping up to date with shows is going to be a lot easier when The Block finishes 🙂

There were peanuts in their shells at the first victim’s house. And the victim had a $50,000 engagement ring! Then suicide by cop happened. Excellent start to the season which started where the last one left off after Lisbon watched the video.

Burtrum revealed that everyone in the CBI knows that Jane is getting closer. Lisbon and Jane are sent on an out-of-town job possibly to get them out of the city so that Red John can strike? Jane is adamant that no one else should know about the 7 names. But then Partidge (also on the list) shows up at the new out-of-town crime scene. Jane looks at him weird and Partridge pulls him up on it but he’s a very good actor if he is indeed Red John (Miz thought: Do the actors know which one is Red John? If not, then they are just acting normally in character but if one of them knew all along / recently, then that blows my mind.)

Then of course Lisbon tells the team about the list. They are so tight that it’s natural. But Jane is peeved and this is the beginning to the climatic conclusion of this episode. Basically Lisbon gets a call that one of the suspects is doing something, so she goes and checks that out, with no immediate back-up and not telling anyone in her team where she is going (classic tv cop move!).

And then the first suspect gets (supposedly) struck off the list: Partridge is found bound and bleeding, gurgling “tiger tiger” and then dies. Yes, that was Miz’s first choice of suspect. Maybe that is why he was killed first: because he was an obvious choice because he wasn’t in the top three of candidates. Maybe.

But then PLOT TWIST. Lisbon is grabbed. Jane gets a call from Lisbon but it’s actually Red John taunting Jane while drawing his tell-tail smiley face on Lisbon’s face.“Sorry, Patrick — Teresa can’t come to the phone right now. Can I take a message? I’ll tell her you called.” OH NO. Surely she can’t be dead. Miz thinks this will simply be a taunt to Jane; they wouldn’t kill her off at this stage of the season.

TIl next episode which will have to wait until later in the week. Dognammit.

(PS Miz now believes that Haffner is Red John. Or all 6 left which would be a real disappointment. Ta ta for now.)



The Mentalist – Season 5 review and who is Red John?

Well Miz has finished powering through this season of The Mentalist as she wants to be on the same page as the rest of the world when season 6 reveals Red John. Her thoughts on season 5 are a bit all over the place – kind of like this season – but it’s nice to see a show that is wrapping up a bunch of the main story lines and characters (aka Lorelei) without watching them wither and die / fiss out like so many tv shows do. (Miz assumed that season 6 would be the last season but rumours are that it hasn’t been cancelled or renewed so this storyline could be drawn out for another season…)

This season delved into the relationship between Lorelei and Red John – (as an aside, does anyone else think that Lorelei and Elena/Katharine/Nina from Vampire Diaries look EXACTLY alike??) – and while it was obvious from the moment Lorelei went rogue, and told Jane that he has shook hands with Red John, that she would have to die, at least there was some resolution. Sure, the cliffhanger of season 5 (where there was a shoot out in the desert) couldn’t be matched by this season, but fans of this show since the beginning will surely enjoy the continuity leading into the final season and the slow erosion of Red John’s secret life.

Jane and the CBI (not to mention the avid viewers) are now left with 7 names of who Red John is. These will obviously be explored in the final season of The Mentalist, but it made for compelling reading and provoked thoughts on all Jane’s interactions with each character on the list. Miz for one hopes it is someone close enough the Jane that if you rewatched the entire series you would read things into each interaction.

What attributes does Red John have?

  • Has been known as “Roy” in past crimes.
  • Male with a former lover who was blind (Rosalind).
  • Knows computers as has gained access to CBI’s secure network and other computer systems.
  • Knows William Blake poetry so presumably literate and educated.
  • Is a “team player” with lots of incredibly loyal agents/operatives who provide Jane and the CBI with many red herrings.
  • Likes smily faces as a red painted one is his signature at a crime. This is created by using three fingers of his right hands while wearing gloves.

Who is Red John?

1) Bret Stiles – The leader of the church/cult Visualise (Self-Realization Center) who has had a bunch of dodgy storylines around him and his cult. Miz: Obvious choice so probably not.

2) Gale Betram – Director of CBI. Miz: NO.

3) Raymond Haffner – CBI agent. Miz: NO.

4) Reede Smith – FBI agent. Miz: NO but he’s super cute. And he’s only been introduced in this season so that’s not enough interaction.

5) Bob Kirkland – Homeland security agent who is either Red John or an agent. Miz: this is too obvious so can’t be him. He’s a nasty piece of work though by killing the coma patient. Booo.

6) Sheriff Thomas McAllister – A sheriff from ages ago (second episode). Miz: potentially but she’s forgotten who this character is. However if it is him this would be a major let down. We want it someone closer to Jane and who has reoccurred more than one in the entire 5 seasons.

7) Brett Partridge – CBI forensics analyst. Miz: potentially but she’s forgotten who this character is but did remember that he had a creepy voice similar to Red John. But the timeline works for him the best as he could be old enough to work at a Visualise farm in 1988.


So basically Miz thinks it’s going to be either Sheriff or Brett as she’s forgotten these characters. A close third is Bret as she thinks he is dodgy as hell. Also, are they going to reveal who he is early and then chase him down? Or is it going to be red herring after red herring where each of the 7 people gets crossed off the list? Could it actually be Cho (Miz hopes not as he’s most excellent)?

As an aside, Miz freaking likes Van Pelt and Rigsby. Long may that continue! Volker is mean and crazy and I want Lisbon to TAKE HIM DOWN. In a fiery tomb of doom. I know he’s in prison now but surely he is too crafty to stay there for long.