Sherlock – Season 2

Dear lordy this show is captivating. Moriarty is my favourite character ever AND yet I think Sherlock and Watson are also amazing. The cinematography, the setting, the score = all of this is wrapped up in an amazing show which is possibly one of the best things that has been on television in recent years.

This entire series hinged on the idea of fandom (which was appreciated!) and celebrity – Sherlock became a huge celebrity and bad things cascaded from there. The third/finale episode brought the battle between Moriarty and Sherlock to a climax and it was everything I wanted and more! Moriarty basically has set Sherlock up to take the fall as the bad guy and the entire media jumps on board. The only way out is to kill himself which led to the best.moment between Sherlock, Moriarty and Watson. Dear lordy, STILL can’t get over it.

Also: BAD bad Mycroft!

Of course I need to discuss things and feelings now, so SPOILER ALERT:

The twist that Moriarty killed himself was interesting. I hope he isn’t dead – every story needs a super awesome villain. And then if Sherlock was able to fake his death with Molly’s help (though how that happened I will NEVER understand!), then maybe Moriarty isn’t dead either (fake gun shot??). Sherlock killing himself so that Watson, Mrs Hudson and policeman live, was surprisingly touching.

Certainty I feel the most for Watson – he’s so sad and droopy. The phone call/suicide note was super sad and the interaction between these two protagonists was outstanding. Don’t even get me started on the befitting graveyard scene where Watson begged for a miracle. There may have been tears.  I guess Sherlock is holed up with Molly now. Oh la la.

Next… must watch all of season 3… If only there were more hours in the day …


Revenge – S03.13 – Hatred

It’s fair to say that Miz has no idea what just happened in this episode. Were the writers on crack?! So. So. Confused.

They’ve turned Sara into a baddie, Daniel continues to annoy the hell out of anyone with brains, Conrad still is “nice” (kinda) with being in lurrve, Emily’s pain threshold is super high/insane, and yet Vicky’s character turned a corner by confiding in Patrick about the person that raped her. Patrick evil painting slash arson whop whop. However the actor who plays Daniel (Josh Bowman) is super.bad. Not believable AT ALL. His face never changes; he looks the same happy or angry evil.

Sara being shacked up with Daniel was never going to work. Stupid move Daniel and you need to know that you put Sara in a terrible position. And don’t even get Miz started on how terrible Sara is for getting back with the guy who almost killed her in a drunk driving accident. Why on earth did she fall into bed with Daniel again?! AND he’s STILL drinking. Argh, it’s a terrible storyline. And Sara should have run away from the Greyson’s while she had a chance. YOU HAD A CHANCE. I don’t like to say that she got what she deserved, but she certainty didn’t help herself in any way, shape or form.

Sara vs Emily was only going to go the way of Emily.

EWW Jack and Frenchie. So in love that Jack is trying to find a house for both of them to live with Carl. A.K.A. happily ever after. Surely Frenchie should be getting the hell out of the Hamptons which Conrad taking her and her family’s legacy down.

And then of course Aiden was stupid enough to not get rid of the murder weapon (katana). I mean really: He was a trained assassin for crying out loud. Niko obviously found out the weapon so has deduced that Aiden killed her father. Bad news for Aiden but at least that’s some (hopefully excellent) second storyline from Emily vs Daniel’s destruction of each other.

And don’t even get me started on Emily’s blackouts. Convenient? Drugs? Waking up in Conrad’s bed? Oh man, crack-o-licious.

Verdict: Way way too many plot holes for this episode to be viable. Writers were on crack. Pity that they have to stop for the Winter Olympics coverage.


Revenge – S03.12- Endurance

Called Endurance. Miz ENDURED this episode. URGH it’s like it lost everything good about the previous episode/direction. Weak epsidoe but in hindsight I guess it set everything post-shooting-on-the-boat-and-framing-victoria up.


  • Nolan wears a striped jacket – that’s literally the main thing I took away from this episode AND it was in the opening shots!! Candy striper yahoo.
  • Daniel is still a drip. Kill him off already.
  • Emily regained her memories (boo-urns).
  • Emily’s hair has been browned (is that even a word?). Basically more belivable character-wise or something. And this means that she has hung up her revenegey hat. Or something. PLOT TWIST!
  • Emily can’t have babies. That’s sad face. Stupid Daniel shooting her uterus. Maybe that’s what Baby Carl is for.
  • Urgh Sara. GO AWAY.
  • Ugh Aiden. DO AWAY. Or be killed by Niko due to Takeda’s death. Ozzies are hard beasts – don’t cross them. Whoops, too late.
  • Patrick. I was rooting for you and Nolan. I really really really want more Nolan sexytime / true love. you ruined it. But I am fully in CAMP NOLAN. GO AWAY NO ONE LIKES YOU.
  • What happened to Charlotte?
  • YES JACK! Punch Daniel. You GO GUY.

Helix – S01.01 Pilot

Miz and TechSupport watched the pilot and season episode for this new series. Touted as a new sci-fi slash horror tv show we were interested to see how this would turn out. Unfortunately Miz wasn’t impressed – especially as TechSupport kept mumbling things about obsolete technology and holes in the sci-fi plot. And there were two very good looking females cast so we expected one to die in the first ten minutes (they didn’t).

Plot summary from Miz: A remote Arctic (?) research lab has diseased people and monkeys alongside some sort of secret government coverup. Disease specialists  from CDC (Center for Disease Control) flown in to help but then they get caught up in the drama and drama. Lab goes into quarantine and then a bunch of dead bodies with black goo instead of blood start piling up.

Plot holes from TechSupport: You wouldn’t fly a helicopter to the Arctic base AND there would be no science base in the Arctic. Monkeys can still bite so keep on your decontamination suit even if you believe the disease is airborne.

Apart from the plot cons as detailed above, there were some moments of genius. Well genius may be putting it a bit too far. The black goo was awesome (as was the vomit in the suit/mask). Frozen monkeys. The air vent tunnels were spooky and that cinematography was well shot. The acting was a bit stilted and the love triangle seemed to jump over a generation and the age difference was unbelievable.

Though TechSupport liked it so we may watch it again 🙂

There’s people on the street
Getting diseases from monkeys
Yeah, that’s what I said
They’re getting diseases from monkeys

(Flight of the Conchords – Think About It)


Revenge – S03.11 – Homecoming

Em is alive!! But not as we know her. Not as she knows herself. She doesn’t remember anything. Except that David Clark is her father. Excellent twist and Miz suspects that this will turn a stagnant tv show back into it’s former glory. And of course Jack was able to reach into the real Emily and bring her back into herself, by simply kissing her on her forehead and giving her a talisman from Amanda-Emily. And then she remembered Daniel shot her. Yes, well played girl.

And of course Lydia was going to get framed here. Don’t mess with Vicky. Though why Conrad didn’t just triple-cross Vicky and then set HER up, thus saving  Daniel and FRAMING VICKY. Miz could write this show. And while we are talking about Daniel, why wasn’t he even concerned that HE SHOT A PERSON? Yes he wanted to hand himself in, but that was much more for his own self rather than human emotion of guilt/sadness/any normal range of human emotion. Perhaps he’s hungover. Well he bloody well deserves to!!

And an Australian assassin – Niko??. Literally sounds the same as the person who narrates criminal investigation Australia. With an Australian name. That means that her and Aiden can live happily ever after. Yah Emily and Jack = end game. But weird that we have literally never heard or seen her before.

Patrick is not Team Nolan; Patrick is Team Vicky. Sad face for Nolan. Now he can exact all the revenge with Emily. Sneaky Patrick is going to be his downfall. Move the safe Nolan. RIGHT NOW.

Oh and no shirtless boys in this episode. Boo-urns.