Glee – S05.07 – No Strings Attached

Okay, this episode was literally all over the show. Miz LOVES the Muppets. Puppets are awesome. She would love to have a puppet of herself. BUT this episode was just freaking weird, and the songs were awful. AWFUL.

Premise for this episode? Blaine treating everyone as puppets and wanting to control them all. Oh and some weird gas leak in the Glee classroom which caused hallucinogenic song numbers. And Sue wears trackpants because 30 years ago Figgins told her to consider wearing pants so people would take her more seriously. Oh and Bree thought she was pregnant which happens to everyone teenager on this show who has pre-marital sexytime.

Miz suggests that her REAL hatred for this episode was the closing number which will define this generation (like Crazy Frog did ours): What Does The Fox Say? WHAT THE BLOOMING HELL TRASH IS THIS.

Ring ding ding ding ding

Glee puppets!


Glee – S05.05 The End of Twerk

Oh dear, Miley! “White chocolate signature move” oh Sam! And Rachel has a new hair”cut” (and has lost a lot of weight 😦 ). Though she is excellent in Funny Girl isn’t she? Dane parties in toilets. Mispelt tattoos. Peter Facinelli swoon. This episode had it all, including Will having a song with a fun mass dance number which was nice. And it was nice to see Rachel and Kurt both struggling to deal with life post-Finn in little ways.

Highlight that literally gave me chills/goosebumps was when Unique sang “If I Were a Boy”. Wow, moving rendition.

Marly is super pretty. Miz wishes she looked like her. Pity about dooshbag love bf Jake. Hopefully the writers have something good up their sleeves for her.

Where was Santana and Adam and Demi? I liked them/Starchild the bestest. Hopefully this week has more.

PS Anyone else think that Becky is annoying and an overdone character?


Glee – S05.04 – A Katy or a Gaga

Glee is back. Yah! BUT EVEN BETTER – Adam Lambert is on tv. Man Miz likes him too. Wishes she can strut like he can. And boy he was awesome – Starchild is excellent. Gosh he can sing can’t he?

Yes, Miz is swooning. Likes it.

The episode after Finn’s tribute episode was always going to be a hard one. Miz’s verdict is that they managed to mention Finn nicely, but then return to fun pop songs!!! And fun pop songs is what Glee should be all about: pop battle Katy Perry vs Lady Gaga was a good way to power back to their roots. Miz isn’t a big fan of either of these artists (especially not their new stuff) but the acoustic version of Wide Awake was a highlight and the end scene (feat Roar) was a nice juxtaposition even if the original song isn’t a good one. They definitely did Gaga better first time around.

Marley is very good looking – Miz wants to look like her – but if Jake cheated on her, I hope she gets all Gaga-on-his-ass.

Rachel is clearly taking a back seat in this season so far, so it was a joy to see her sing, and enjoy, Roar. Her Funny Girl rehearsals must be super hard being a constant reminder of the loss of Cory/Finn.

Also, after reading mixed reviews on this episode, I have come to the conclusion that I wouldn’t be upset if the school part of Glee was dropped in its entirety and if the show moved to NY to follow that crew. Call me whatever names you will, but that storyline is much more interesting.


Glee – S05.03 – The Quarterback

This was the episode that all Gleeks, all pop culture fans, had been waiting for. And Bethany and Miz watched it together on a Friday night. And we cried. Boy did we cry. The only negative is that I wish there were more flashbacks. Otherwise, perfect sendoff to someone who made Glee what is is. Sad faces.

The episode picked up three weeks after Finn died. No inclination was made as to how he died, just that life is important and that people grieve in their own ways – no tears, organisation, breaking down, anger, acceptance, and of course in song. Notably absence was Quinn (apparently no one likes her in real life) and Brittany (literally having a baby) but all the old cast came back to pay their respects. Kurt, Carole and family Burt the most upsetting with tears jetting out of Miz’s face when Carole describes the loss of being a mother but without a child, as well as Rachel’s goodbye scene with Mr Shue. One of the most surprising moments came from Santana who yelled at Sue for not loving Finn, when she was really yelling at herself.


anigif_original-grid-image-8205-1381465279-14  http://www.buzzfeed.com/jaimieetkin/glee-cory-monteith-episode-gut-wrenching-moments?bffb http://www.buzzfeed.com/jaimieetkin/glee-cory-monteith-episode-gut-wrenching-moments?bffb

Sue summed it up perfectly: “He was such a good guy, and I’ll never get to tell him. There’s no lesson here, there’s no happy ending, there’s nothing. He’s just gone. He would have been an excellent teacher. I thought I’d spend the next 30 years teaching alongside him … It’s just so pointless, all that potential.” Suicide, drug-use, accidental death – anyone that is gone too soon. Just so pointless.

anigif_original-grid-image-9496-1381465n946-29 anigif_original-grid-image-8205-1381465279-14

Rachel’s/Lea Michele’s real tears when singing Make You Feel My Love was painful to watch. Tears by everyone watching this inside the show and outside the tv set. And James Taylor’s Fire and Rain will always be one of my favourites and this song will never ever be the same. I never thought of it as a funeral song. but it is so perfect to remember the loss of a loved one.

Fitting send off to both Finn and Cory Miz thinks. Maybe when the tears clear Miz would be happy to discuss if you disagree. Until such time, RIP.


Glee – S05.02 – Tina in the Sky with Diamonds

Miz read a review that this week’s episode of Glee (another Beatles episode to carry on from last week’s theme) was better than last weeks. I think Miz disagrees. Though there was Demi Lovato. We heart Dami Lovato. She was pretty good in her role and her and Sanata’s song (Here Comes the Sun) was the best in the episode and their voices sounds fantastic together. Miz looks forward eagerly to this development.

And Rachel got the part of (her) lifetime – Fanny Brice from Funny Girl!! Excellent to see this storyline coming full circle.

There were also thrush jokes. Super immature Miz loved this.

Prom dresses were a highlight. Miz would like a prom – her fashion sense would be better now than in high school.

Next week’s episode is going to be devastating. Oh man oh man oh man. Just watching the preview makes Miz BAWL: watch here.


Glee – S05.01 – Love, Love, Love

Miz has refrained from weighing in on the Glee episode which kicked off season 5 as she’s not a Gleek / die-hard fan. She watches it when there’s nothing else on but doesn’t really keep up with the storylines – what happened to Quinn/the baby/Mr Sho etc.  But she is super interested to see how the writers and actors deal with the sudden passing of one of the original cast members, Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson. Word on the street is that season 5 was gearing up to be Finn’s season – coming back to high school, being a teacher, Rachel and Finn finally ending up together. Sadly, this is not to be. So, how did this episode end up?

Well the short answer is that they didn’t mention Finn at all (though Rachel sung ‘Yesterday’ which was beautiful). Kitty and Artie are now a fully fledged couple; Kitty has gone all nice and stuffs. But the best couple is Blaine and Kurt – and there is an epic proposal too with an amazing declaration of love. TEARS. This was a bit of a jump forward in time with lots of unresolved conflicts, relationship breakups, get-togethers, personality shifts etc. A bit weird…

The Beatles song is a safe one and it made for very well known songs being performed. But, coupled with the unresolved relationship and personality changes, it was a little bit odd all around. A bit weird…

It pained me to see Rachel in the proposal scene in what must have been a horrendously hard scene for her to film. My heart breaks for her, but she’s is amazing and I think all the fans (whether Gleeks, die hards, or otherwise) will take off our hats to her and her performances. The show must go on so to speak!