Big Bang Theory – S07.05 – The Workplace Proximity

This episode underpinned what Miz has long thought about this show: That Amy and Sheldon are not soul mates and this break up is imminent. Amy may be Sheldon’s soul mate, but the opposite is not true. Miz suspects that they will break up, Amy will find a hot hunk o’ meat and Sheldon will be jealous and they’ll fall back with each other, which will probably result in sexy time. Maybe Leonard’s mother will arrive and help Sheldon’s tortured mind.

Miz enjoys Howard and Bernadette’s relationship though. Their banter is good times.


Big Bang Theory – Season 7

Miz has been catching up on the first three episodes of Big Bang. The premier was disappointing but the funniest bit I have ever actually seen on BB happened in the second episode involving Howard and Raj and talking about their boobs – I LOLed A LOT. Freaking hilarious.

Leonard comes back after a trip away at sea on a research expedition, and he had a great time (life of the part-tay!) but missed Penny. I love their relationship – hope this continues.

Sheldon is still annoying and bitter, and no one understands Amy and Sheldon’s relationship (still).

Howard is having female issues caused by his exposure to estrogen. Nothing really about this was funny except for the LOL aforementioned scene. GOLD. Howard and Raj jumping, jiggling and shaking is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in this show for a very long time. Must. Find. Gifs. Mental note. How they didn’t crack up while filming this is beyond me.

Raj can finally speak to women after Lucy’s departure. Good times – mainly for his character development which has recently been non-existent.

Raj: So if the fact that your husband left you makes you feel unattractive,
just remember, penguins get cheated on and they’re adorable.

I love scavenger hunts. More of these should happen in my life. This episode was entertaining mainly because of the mismatches and team dynamics. Leonard and Bernadette were great together. Amy and Howard singing along to Neil Diamond is pretty much my road trips to a t. And I’m always a fan of karaoke. Poor Stuart not getting any friends 😦Karaoke for life.