Helix – S01.01 Pilot

Miz and TechSupport watched the pilot and season episode for this new series. Touted as a new sci-fi slash horror tv show we were interested to see how this would turn out. Unfortunately Miz wasn’t impressed – especially as TechSupport kept mumbling things about obsolete technology and holes in the sci-fi plot. And there were two very good looking females cast so we expected one to die in the first ten minutes (they didn’t).

Plot summary from Miz: A remote Arctic (?) research lab has diseased people and monkeys alongside some sort of secret government coverup. Disease specialists  from CDC (Center for Disease Control) flown in to help but then they get caught up in the drama and drama. Lab goes into quarantine and then a bunch of dead bodies with black goo instead of blood start piling up.

Plot holes from TechSupport: You wouldn’t fly a helicopter to the Arctic base AND there would be no science base in the Arctic. Monkeys can still bite so keep on your decontamination suit even if you believe the disease is airborne.

Apart from the plot cons as detailed above, there were some moments of genius. Well genius may be putting it a bit too far. The black goo was awesome (as was the vomit in the suit/mask). Frozen monkeys. The air vent tunnels were spooky and that cinematography was well shot. The acting was a bit stilted and the love triangle seemed to jump over a generation and the age difference was unbelievable.

Though TechSupport liked it so we may watch it again 🙂

There’s people on the street
Getting diseases from monkeys
Yeah, that’s what I said
They’re getting diseases from monkeys

(Flight of the Conchords – Think About It)