#TheBlockNZ – A lot of pain for only a little gain?

Unless you’re Alice and Caleb who walked away with a whopping $261k after winning last night’s auction, was last night’s auction worth it for all the trials and tribulations? Well done to the Pearson’s and this post certainly isn’t meant to put a downer on them – Miz is simply surprised that there was bittersweet discrepancy between the houses. Yes, all couples walked away with something (which is better than last year), but Miz is Team Loz and Tom 4EVS.

There were over 2000 entries to be chosen as a Block couple and this show showed the four chosen couples battle it over ten weeks, which was broadcast on our tv screens three times a week. All houses were zoned for Takapuna Grammar (Lorde’s old school) and were 100m from the beach; all were in one of the Auckland’s most expensive and locations. Last night tv3 recorded its highest rating show in the key demographic and for good reason – this show was addictive!


The houses sold for a wide range of prices:

  • Caleb and Alice: $945,000 reserve, sold for $1,126,000. A total of $181,000 profit.
  • Alisa and Koan: $948,000 reserve, sold for $1,014,000. A total of $66,000 profit.
  • Pete and Andy: $925,000 reserve, sold for $952,500. A total of $27,500 profit.
  • Loz and Tom: $922,000 reserve, sold for $947,000 A total of $25,000 profit.

Basically last night showcased three things to Miz:

1)      The judges on the show didn’t mean squat. Sure, the added money for a room reveal win is nice at the time, but doesn’t mean anything come auction night.

2)      Miz’s parents were right – parents always said that a house’s value is only dictated by what someone is willing to pay for it. True dat. House one was lucky in that three bidders wanted it which drove up the price. 95 bids were recorded over this very cute street front character villa property.

3)      How can anyone afford these houses in Auckland? Granted they weren’t first home buyers but still – a lot of money. That being said, Miz thinks they sold for under what they would have if the market hadn’t be saturated for four similar houses.


I realise that reality tv has it extreme risks – being painted as the villans by the editors and producers of the show (Alisa and Koan), have your personal attributed under stress rolled out in front of the camera (Loz and Tom), have screaming fans chase you at every turn for a chance at one true love (Pete and Andy), or you might just plain lose, but is this worth it? Probably not if you’re in it for a monetary gain (though tv3 have confirmed that they give the couples stipends and pay their expenses during filming). But if it leads to you having more DIY skills, being in the public eye, having to take 10 weeks off work… I dunno. Thoughts?


PS Anyone know where Alice and Loz’s dresses were from?



The Block -day before auction

Right now I would like to think that all four couples are in Auckland living the high life and enjoying the end of their reality tv adventure. However I suspect the opposite is true and that they may have over indulged on their Pinot Gris and are looking forward to tomorrow with anticipation.

i have always said that I am Team Loz and Tom and that hasn’t changed. Loz and Alice, come to wellington a d we can do. Korean BBQ together and talk about making babies while being in onesies.

Actually, that might be my Make a Wish foundation wish. …

bring on tomorrow night and much fingers and toes crossing tonight for all four couples.


The Block – Almost done… Predictions?

The auction is nearly here and Miz is looking forward to getting her weeknights back! But what a roller-coaster of emotions this show brings!!

Last night Loz had a cry and Tom stormed off in a huff. All over outdoor furniture which was too big for the deck. Miz and TechSupport watched this episode knowing that this would be EXACTLY the way they would handle the stress – but with added snarky comments. Probably the reason that they couldn’t ever do The Block (or and Miz’s fear of sandpaper and lack of muscles). I cannot imagine everyone in NZ seeing me handle stress and no sleeping, and I have commend Loz and Tom on their strength and that they still love each other after all the stress!! if anything the teary scene on tv reminded me that all the couples are real people who are simply close to breaking point and who want to go home.Team Loz and Tom!

Alice cracks Miz up and Miz would have her over for dinner and wines if she was ever in Wellington! Team Pearson!

Miz’s predictions for the auctions: Everyone will walk away with cash and all houses will sell above reserve. Alice and Caleb will probably win (but not by much), Pete and Andy will win fan favourites. Loz and Tom will almost win but will walk away with a bunch of cash. Alisa and Koan will walk away with the least amount of cash, but still with a decent wad to line their pockets.

Miz also reckons there will be a spin off show featuring Pete (maybe Andy) with road tripping NZ, or something like Country Calendar. The producers/tv would be silly not to cash in on their popularity at this stage, and the only thing that would hamstring this would be Pete missing the farm.


The Block NZ

Miz is a self-confessed Block-o-holic, but in the past week the general public have got nasty about the show. There have been personal insults floated about contestants to point where Miz wanted to throw shoes at tv and social media screens. Sure, I have my favourites – Loz and Tom – and the couple that I just think are adorable and I want to have them around for dinner – Alice and Caleb. CUTIES. But when people get angry at other contestants for “taking out” the fan favourites by simply winning – Pandy – then it makes me upset and sad for ALL contestants who have poured their hearts and souls into this made-for-television show. The judges’ comments don’t seem to match up with the scores and tv editing, but that isn’t a reason to hurl abuse at contestants.

Breathe. RANT OVER.

BUT, despite tossing up whether to post about the Block of not in the past few days, Miz has decided to link to a few of the more interesting things on the internet about The Block NZ:

1) Loz wrote a piece in an online magazine, The Ruminator, about crying in front of the nation. Miz admits to having her crying days (normally in front of emotional movies, tv shows, or the news), but I cannot fathom how difficult it must be on national tv when there are cameras in your faces, and your highs and lows are edited for ultimate reality tv.

2) Tom’s undies have a following on the world wide web.

3) For those of you in Auckland, go for a drive-by of the houses: on the intersection of Eversleigh Rd and Lake Rd – the main drag into Devonport – on the corner furtherest from Takapuna Grammar. Google Maps satellite view of the section here). Some pictures are found in this NBR article which also talks about how nice Peter Wolfkamp is.

4) Public open days on 19th and 20th October. Apparently the road will be closed for these two days as the properties become tourist sites and locals aren’t happy about it. (Note: cute picture of Alice and Caleb accompanies this article)

4) Check out the house on Trade Me – the photos are updated when each room is finished.

5) What happened to last year’s house on The Block NZ? Miz didn’t follow last year’s season so will be interested to see what happens a year from now with these Takapuna houses.


The Block – NZ

Miz is the first to admit that she is pretty addicted to The Block (aka if she miss an episode I watch it on demand into the early hours of the morning). Stupid reality tv shows sucking you in with all the twists and turns! For those outside NZ, The Block is a renovation show which pits together four sets of couples and makes them compete, room-by-room, against one another, on a budget, to complete an entire renovation in 10 weeks. Dear golly it’s exciting!

Miz’s thoughts thus far:

Loz and Tom – These guys are awesome. Love their attitudes and they just come across really relatable!! GO A TEAM!! [Miz may be bias as she went to high school with Loz.]

Pete and Andy – These guys will win the popular vote by leaps. They are just simply funny but they must be hell for their neighbours but the whole of NZ would a watch travel show hosted by these two. Hilarious.

Alice and Caleb – This married couple must be the smilest, nicest people on the planet. They are so cheery, dance all the time, and the risks you take in their property are refreshing!

Alisa and Koan –  These guys are playing a different game and are not looking to make friends! Koan annoys Miz the most and but they are all so political and strategic. Kinda like GoT. Cough. Super smart and crafty, but that doesn’t win you friends. Miz likes friends.

Miz is hooked. It’s on tv3 Monday to Wednesday’s nights from 7.30pm. Or you can watch it from overseas here.

tenants: http://www.tv3.co.nz/Quotables-from-Pete-and-Andy/tabid/4099/articleID/95632/Default.aspx