Downton Abbey – S04.04 and S04.05

Miz felt like catching up on DA after the stress that was last episode. The next two episodes were entertaining – drama, pretentiousness, blackmail, and birthright romances. One of the more scandelous-ish romances is between Edith and Gregson, after a night of passion. Edith then goes to a visit a doctor – poor Edith always gets the bum storylines as Miz suspects that Gregson won’t appear again.

Rose and Jack Ross (the black jazz singer) flirted much to the disdain of Aunt Rosamund. It was hilarious!!

Still with the theme of romances, Lord Gillingham likes Mary. And Mary likes Anthony. Oh la la. He even asked to marry her, she declined as it was too soon, and then there was a passionate embrace, and latter an admittance that she would probably regret declining his advances. Big ups to Tom Cullen for nailing his character portrayal and making us like him, despite his incredibly non-British love gushing speeches.

Over the two episodes Anna and Bates make up after Bates forces Mrs Hughes into disclosing what is the matter. Much of what Anna is feeling and working through is still the same in today’s day and age, which is makes it difficult to watch yet you are compelled to help Anna and Bates work through this massive physical and psychological issue.  Clever Mrs Hughes has put Bates onto the wrong track when trying to find her unknown attacker, though this was only after Bates correctly guessed it was Green. Bates then broke down in the hallway in a well-portrayed scene by Brendan Coyle which had Miz almost in tears, along with the following scene with Bates telling Anna that he loves her even more today because of her strength in face of this adversity. Joanne Froggatt makes Anna come to life and when her chin wobbles, just amazing.

. He tells her he loves her even more now because of her strength in the face of everything she’s been through, and though this is largely Coyle’s showcase, Froggatt remains tremendous in her role, as Anna initially shrinks away from Bates only for her walls to gradually break down as he reaffirms his commitment to her. It’s a moving scene all the way through, handled with delicacy and honesty.

Edna and Tom’s disaster of a relationship finally got resolved after she was trying to force him into marriage after a night of regret. Mrs Hughes saves the day, finds ‘Marie Stopes’ Married Love’, confronts Edna with her plan to blackmail Edna and stresses she cannot tell Cora otherwise she will never work again without any referee. I love it when Mrs Hughes throws her toys!

Along with Anna and Mrs Hughes, Daisy the kitchen hand is one of my favourite characters. She’s trying so hard to get over her crush of Alfred and helps him with his cooking dream and his trial at the Ritz. Unfortunately he doesn’t get in but Carson’s speech of motivation is excellent and typically Carson. Oh man, he’s also one of Miz’s favourites.

Credit: Carnival/Masterpiece


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