Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – S01.01 Pilot

Miz has so many television series to keep up with and watch!! Let alone start a brand new series … However she was trying to win favours with TechSupport so tried out this pilot as it looked like an entertaining programme to bond over.

This of course is the long awaited Joss Whedon spin-off of The Avengers, led by fan favourite Agent Coulson, and Aunt Robin/Cobie Smulders. Agent Coulson should be dead as that’s what happened in The Avengers – but he’s not MIND BLOWN. Something about Tahiti/Level 7 happened but no doubt that plot will be dangled all season and revealed all in due course. Whedon is said to weave this series into the rest of the Marvel film franchise in a way that promises to be visually interesting and stimulating for fans.

S.H.I.E.L.D stands for Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division and the premise so far seems be that this attractive lady (Skye) is afraid of SHIELD and views it as an terrorist-type organisation. Unsure what her dealio is, but we know that she doesn’t actually exist slash has no record/background, but Skye provides an interesting initial counterview to the love of SHIELD/Avengers. The viewing public already knows that Skye becomes an Agent which is super.awesome and she is bound to be the fan favourite!

The evil plot is that there is someone out there who is fixing broken people to make them have superhero powers and centipede-like implants in their arms, and with the recession these experiments turn nasty. One of the main twists from this episode focused on the opening blast and the survivor. It is evident that nothing is truer here than “with great power comes great responsibility.”

This show is full of geeks in a way that feel likes Q in James Bond (aka the best kind of nerd-slash-geeks). The best illustrations from this episode are when Skype hacks the SHIELD database so they know where to find her, Coulson’s car collection, the beat-em-up scenes with hand-to-hand combat, the banter between the Scottish and English lab geeks, Agent Coulson’s negotiations, and of course the cool cinematography and the techy goodness. Love them nerds!! Some of the script was cringe-worthy: Whedon’s need to punctuate every scene with “dad” humour is still evident and that will either annoy you or you’ll accept it as by-the-by.

Fan fact: The “bad guy” of this episode is played by J August Richards, who also starred in Whedon’s Buffy spin-off Angel. Ooooo!

Thus the verdict is in: This is a secret agent series, rather than about superheros (which of course was the theme of The Avengers). Miz is intrigued and TechSupport will watch the next few episodes to see if this show holds its initial promise.