GoT S02.03 – What is Dead May Never Die

Right so after a hiatus of other shows (namely HIMYM, Revenge, Mentalist, and Scandal), I’ve been forced to try and delve deeper into this show. This fad show. This confusing show. This show where I am still terribly confused about everyone’s motives and why all the good looking men have long hair. This show that everyone is currently watching season 4 of. But I promised new friend TT that I would watch some episodes so we can GOSSIP. So here I go with THOUGHTS and FEELINGS.

– Everyone wears a lot of black on this show.

– Where the bloody hell are the dragons?!

– Where is my love Jon Snow? Does he need caring for with his head wound?

– Renly tut tut. It’s okay that you like boys but don’t force them to be your friend (possibly not okay for a king in this world, but hey, no judgey from this corner). Also your wife Margaery has got to stop showing her assets in public. It’s a tad embarrassing. Also embarrassing in that she wants King Renly to invite her brother in to come get him started. Deary me.

– Sansa (sp?) was weird and moany in this episode. Yes I know she is in a bad way with the whole Joffery debacle. But I mean really.

– Tyrion amuses me. Good times. Pycelle was bad but I never like him or beardy beard anyway so bye bye.

– Also that Tyrion paid the whore twice amused me. I hope she remembers this fondly.

– Theonis just such a weak character. He’ll end up being on the wrong side of teh Stark divide and actually he doesn’t want to side with his family! Starks are more of a family than his own family. Especially when you mix in sexual attraction to sister. Ew.

– Not NEEDLE!! Nooooo.

Arya and Jon are still Miz’s favourite.


Game of Thrones – S02.02 – The Night Lands

Lord Commander (? Night Commander ?) is no more – Miz thinks he’s the same one who killed all of Ned’s men in the throne room last season.

Tyrion seems to have got angry that he killed a baby bastard. I think. (Everyone looks the same in armour). Too many titles and characters. Is there a handy episode-by-episode guide to all the characters?

Ayra has been found out by her “friend” Gendry. Oh isn’t Gendry one of the bastard Robert offsprings? (Vaguely remembering something from last season). JJ, what is this guys deal? Is he a good guy? Can Gendry be my new favourite character? Him and Jon Snow should hang out and you know, look pretty.

Who is the black pirate dude who is hanging out with the Scottish guy?

Do all the ladies have clothes that just come off for sexy time?

Who is this witchy lady?! She mucked up the whole game of “you shot my battleship”. I mean, how rude. Was that Stannis? What are HIS motivations?

Poor Theon as his daddy is mean to him. Though it was his own silly fault that he didn’t ask who the girl was before pillaging her – you knew you had a sister!

At least we found out that Queen Regent is less nasty than Joffrey. YOUR BAD CERSEI. (Not “you are” bad, your bad. Akin to “my bad”). Silly English language.

I think it’s about time to admit that I have no idea what is going on in this second season….



Game of Thrones – S02.01 – The North Remembers

After a brief hiatus from GOT to clear her TiVO (which would work as an excuse if she actually had a TiVO but it remains an accurate analogy for all the tv shows showing at the moment that she needed to stay current with – it’s a hard life), Miz dived into the first episode of the second season.

Joffrey is king and is still a dick. He watches people killing each other just for sport, while the Council meet to make all the important decisions. He also tried to drown someone with red wine. Tyrion turns up and berates Cersei (what is it like to be the disappointing child?), and reveals that he is now the Hand of the King now that their father is off fighting. Turns out everyone seems to know about Cersei and Jaime’s sexytime, but Joffrey doesn’t believe this “foul gossip”. And Joffrey likes to think that he has a flair for interior designing and is redecorating the throne room. Oh yeah, of course Sansa is still with Joffrey, basically cos she can’t escape.

Robb Stark is now “King of the North”. Ooo Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones. He thinks he is super powerful and gives everyone orders. Miz wonders how long this will go on. Catelyn did remark though that all his politicking would make Ned proud – Miz just doesn’t understand all the political stuffs. Also he met up with Jaime and there was a direwolf. YAH.

There are still dragons. But the dragons are grouchy as they are moany babies and they don’t want to eat. Khaleesi has been walking in the desert (Red Waste?) for ages and is tired and moany. Her white horse dies and that’s sad (though surely that means everyone, and the dragons, will get meat). I hope the little dragons cutely sneeze and then start a BBQ. There is also a comet which has something to do with dragons and them winning the war or something.

Jon Snow is a hardass, but he needs to be much much smarter. And somehow we met another “king” who I assume is the king of the night’s watch or wasteland?? JJ, help?! (also, lots of inbreeding here – daughters as wives yadda yadda).

There was also a raid in the whore house, and Tyrion bought his girlfriend to the city oh la la. But I got lost. JJ, did I miss anything important? I think there was a witch (Melisandre??) who managed to do a double back and kill an old man who was trying to kill her. There was also a┬áStannis but can’t say he left of an impression on me – what’s his dealio? Miz assumes the baby who got killed in the whore house was one of the old King Robert’s bastard offspring hence the crackdown.


Game of Thrones – S01.10 – Fire and Blood (final episode)

Ned died. Miz had to keep watching. Ayra is reformed into a boy with Needle which will save her life. I enjoy her. Bran is told that his beloved daddy is dead. Robb beats up a tree with his sword. Catelyn is visually upset. Sad faces for all ­čśŽ

Is there anyone in the world who LIKES Joffrey?! That man is pure evil. Please please tell me he dies by the third season. I suspect there was rioting in the streets and parties to celebrate his downfall!! What kind of HUMAN brings Sansa to see the head of her father on a stake while talking about impregnating her and commanding that she refers to him as “Your Grace” not “Your Lord”? And then gets another man to strike her?! Man I hope she poisons him or slits his throat. What a villain OF THE HIGHEST ORDER. I really cannot fathom how evil someone has to be. I wish Ayra’s direwolf had finished him off in the beginning, or comes back as a huge (actual size) direwolf and kills him now.

I can’t help but think that the rest of the Lannister’s think they have lost control over Joffery and are secretly banging their heads against the wall thinking “we needed Ned you dumbass”. Stupid stupid boy.

More beer please TechSupport.

Please tell me dragons come soon. I swear that the dragons were planted to counter the hatred of Joffrey. [This thought obviously continues below…]

Robb was made slash proclaimed King of the North. Oh this game of thrones.

Oh Jaime told Catelyn that he pushed Bran off the edge. After she smashed his jaw with a rock. Lady, you have some self control. I applaud you. I would have bashed his head in (in metaphoric land of tv fantasy of course!!).

Tyrion was asked to be Hand of the King, in probably the best move the Lannister family has ever made. However he can’t take Shae to court – presumably because she is an embarrassment. Surely he will spit on this custom just to piss off his daddy.

Dany’s unborn baby died. Sad face again. How much was it the witches fault and how much was fate? The witch just annoys me to be fair, I hope she is able to do something nice for Dany since Dany saved her from certain death. Drogo was left outside to be warm in a sad scene reminiscent of letting weak family members simply die in the desert, and then Dany smothers Drogo with a cushion to put him out of his misery. Was Dany’s baby really meant to be a dragon? Or was that just an interesting description? [Once again, obviously this continues below]

Ayra makes a new boy friend dressed as a boy. Who is this? I hope we can come to like him.

In a somewhat surprising move, Snow has deserted the Watch to go and stand with Robb. Looks like he’s made a lot of friends though who chase him to stop him from breaking his vows. Don’t die from going north of the wall Snow. I love Snow. And he loves me:

A legitiimate real life picture of Miz and Snow being happy ever after

And now for the super important part which I’ve literally be waiting for all season for: DRAGONS!!!

Drogo is burnt and Dany walks into the fire unable to be burnt – she has faith that as the last dragon, she will be unharmed by fire. And then she has three dragons!! Oh man she is the coolest person in this show. AND DRAGONS!!!! THEY HATCHED!!!! Oh man I was so freaking excited that I may have clapped and cheered very very loudly!! Best. finish. Ever.

Also, how good is the Dany casting?!?! Love love love it.

Image modified slight from: http://hollywood-spy.blogspot.co.nz/2013/03/ice-age-sf-colony-trailer-with-laurence.html

Game of Thrones – S01.09 -Baelor

Raining outside in Wellingtontown. So Miz watches GoT and has a beer (you know, cos it’s been a long week thus far and it’s a Thursday). Miz was quite happy that she didn’t read anything about this episode before watching it on today’s stormy night.

Reaction #1: WHAT,┬á did that really happen?!?! Blooming hell that is no fun!! TechSupport managed to keep that one a secret. Just anther reason why we HATE Joffrey I guess – he had the chance to be honourable and he was just awful. Poor Ayra and Sansa. [As an aside the cinematography of this moment was stunning – slowing down of breathing, seeing the girls’ face, the thud of the sword and the ravens flowing.] I wasn’t completely unsurprised as I liked him and I was always told not to like any character. I was more surprised that something like this happened before the season finale but I’m beginning to realise that there is nothing conventional about this show/George. It’s actually pretty surprisingly that a show can exist even after the main character (well the character that we were introduced to first in this show so we have the greatest connection with) is killed off. Well played George.

Reaction #2: I suppose that Kahl will die of his infections. Was it because he wore too much eye makeup? LOLz. It was sad that such a great warrior could die from a simple infection from a wound. Is it weird that I will be more upset if he dies than Ned?

Other random thoughts follow:

There was a lot of politicking in this episode. Ned is strongwilled and won’t confess to Joffrey hence signing his own death warrant; Robb is marching with many men to save his daddy; and Catelyn pleads to some old man to open the gates for Robb’s army to get through to the King’s land. Or something. Geography has never been my strong point. Catelyn did win the negotiations though – but Ayra is now betrothed (and we saw that she is still alive albeit hungry). Oh and┬á betrothed is Robb. Giggles when Robb asks whether Catelyn got a look at the daughters and his mother replies that one is … [nice-ish]. Robb captures Jaime and reminds his followers that this is but a minor victory and that “this war is far from over”.

YAH Snow is back!! He’s my favourite Stark. He gets a new sword from the Commander (because he and the direwolf saved him from the evil dead zombies) that has a direwolf head rather than the Commander’s sigil the bear. Cooool. And all the other boys love the sword. The sword is huge. But Jon is still friends with Samwell – loyalty yah. Then Snow finds out that Robb is going to war and Jon looks shocked. And dismayed. And then feel guilty that he’s not there to help him. Snow is taught a lesson about the tug of war between duty and honour vs love and family. And he has to choose: “I may be a bastard but he is my father. And he is my brother!” His vows to the Nightwatch are being tested.

[ALSO: I did background research as I was confused about who the Commander’s son is and why he brought dishonour on the family. So, JJ/Matty correct me if I’m wrong, he is Jorah who is Dany’s friend correct?The old blind guy at the wall (Maester Aemon) at the Wall is a Tygarion – the old ruling people. I think this means that this guy gave up being king because of his duty of being a Nightwatchman. Or something. I think. I’m confused and TechSupport tried to explain it to Miz – he’s read this book. JJ, help?]

Tyrion gets more action in this episode. And by action I mean sexytime with Shae. Also I’m not sure Shae is a good influence however and I am not convinced on this casting choice… I do root for Tyrion when he gets the ladies. Hehe “roots”. I crack myself up! We did find out that Tyrion used to be married which was a surprise as we only see him being a non-committal ladies man but it was sad when we found out that Jaime set up the whole fake marriage thing. One of the most entertaining scenes was when Tyrion was knocked out so never fought in the battle! I giggled!!

Final thought:

Tyrion Slaps Joffrey


Game of Thrones – S01.08 – The Pointy End

Decided to watch some gore and politicking after a nice episode of The Block. Then Miz and TechSupport discovered that there are only 10 episodes in this season. Only three more left!!

Firstly, nice to see Ayra getting screen time; and time has gone by as she has longer hair. However I maintain that all the Stark kids are so different that there must have been no thought given to them looking like kin. Just Miz’s random observation of the night. And then we saw Ayra kill a boy her her sword, Needle. Not very ladylike was that? I hope she grows up to become a warrior cos that will be awesome. I guess that means that she’ll be killed. Sigh. Also she didn’t make another appearance in this episode. At least she has Needle. Bring back Ayra.

Talking about ladies, Sansa, tut tut. Pretending to love Joffrey is just not going to cut mustard here I fear. I wish she knew how to fight as I find her character rather two dimension at this point. She took a slight step forward in my estimations this week by asking for mercy for her father. But still sigh.

Where is Robb? Haven’t seen him in like forever. Like three episodes.

Oh look, there’s Robb! Snow is hotter FYI.

Can someone please kill Catelyn’s sister (Lysa?)? And the kid (what a dick). They annoy me. Throw rocks at them.

Stone crows? Who are these people? Lords of Revale? Miz shakes her head in confusion. Le sigh. More people, more confusion.

Yah white direwolf is back!!! YAH for Ghost!! Jon saved the Commander from the thing that couldn’t be killed.

Meanwhile Khaleesi and crew are killing people, raping ladies and terrorising villages. Apparently this is okay though Dany puts a stop to it and then takes the ladies prisoner. Kahl gives his verdict in favour of Dany, while sitting near a pile of heads. We still like Kahl and team Dany and even more so when he sticks with his wife. And the fight scene ending with the throat of the loser being torn out was epic. And gross. Mainly epic. Still the best thing about this series.

Talking about the cool direwolves … Grey Wind gnawed the fingers off someone who challenged Robb during dinner. Bet that guy was drunk off his nutter not to worry about losing two fingers and cracking jokes about eating meat. Bye Robb, safe travels. (But in actual fact, you can die as long as Jon Snow and Ayra lives. They are my fav.) Catelyn basically told Robb that he should go and fight for his dad. Guess she thinks he’s grown up a bit since the season began (which is how long – no idea if years have passed).

Who came into Bran’s room? Confused. Tie in to the book I guess.

Who are the North Men and where is the Neck? Assume this is Lannisters vs Robb. Sigh, le confused again. To be fair, the whole fighting / army thing is confusing and Miz tunes out.

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Game of Thrones – S01.07 – You Win or You Die

Sunday night. Game of Thrones o’clock. Then bed time.

Blah blah lots of talking blah blah character development. Jaime talking to his father while the latter is skinning a deer and the father telling him to man up and go save Tyrion with 30,000 of his own men. Also, Stark told Cersei that he knows that Joffery is the product of Cersei and Jaime, and we are somewhat more grossed out (if possible) by the reaffirmation that they are twins. Shudder.

Pretty looooong time of girl-with-girl sexytime … Man, filming these things must be SO awkward. Watching them gets a bit awkward! But we did find out that Littlefinger (? weird name) was/is in love with Catelyn Stark – well DUH. Also, he WAS A MEAN GUY ALL ALONG. Arrrrrggghhhhh, can no one trust anyone these days?! Why can’t we all just get along?

Horse arrives at the wall with no rider. The wall is high. Miz is uninterested in the wall. However, it does mean that Uncle Benjamin is missing / dead / something evil. Oh and talking about something evil: looks like King Robert will die after getting hurt at the hunt. Boooooooo. Knew this had to happen at some point but figured it would be more of an assassination attempt rather than a stupid/drunken ill thrust vs pig. And the wine may have been poisoned by Jaime?? Also, why would you not have everyone there to witness the will for Ned to become Protector of the Realm?! Silly people aren’t smart obvs. Ned is too honourable to be king – he won’t kill the right/wrong people etc. It will obviously backfire but at least he’s nice!

(PS Joffery on the throne was menacing. He’s just super creepy. Gosh that actor will never be able to play anything else considering how excellent he is at this one and how people must hate him.)

The ploy by King Robert and his advisers to kill Daenerys with wine backfired when it couldn’t be called off from his deathbed as the ravens had already flown. Jorah was the hero which was neat; he saved Dany’s life even after he got the pardon to return home (presumably because he was sent to ensure she and her brother died??). We like him. We also like Karl Drogo and his rant and anger about getting getting revenge and to invade the Seven Kingdoms to give Dany the crowd (“I will give him the iron chair”). “Moon of my life” SWOON.

I don’t really understand about the wall stuff but Snow went to the Stewards which seems wrong. I assume he did something to offend the Lord Commander. Or grooming for leadership. Samwell proved a great friend by talking Snow down from the metaphorical ledge by pointing out that he will be privy to all the Night Watch secrets. Or something. JJ, help, blanks? (PS I liked the direwolf bringing the hand!)

ooooooooooooooo … the Game of Thrones begins … ooooooooooooooo