Almost Human – S01.01 Pilot

Miz and TechSupport watched the pilot of Almost Human and despite the calls from the male contingent scoffing “there will be NO American cars in 40 years”, the pilot was entertaining though very much a “boy” tv show in our household. As expected the pilot was very techy and JJ Abrams-y. The problem with watching any sci-fi tv or movie with TechSupport is that he seemingly picks holes in the technology or characters or criminal activity or anything he can. Cynical much?

As expected from JJ there is a sad man who need a sidekick person and has a hero complex / needs everyone in his life to love him. Add in a secret society thing (Syndicate?), a girlfriend who has now disappeared, a lost leg in battle, and a hatred of android sidekicks and you have an interesting mix of a pilot intensity.

Dorian is super good looking. Miz may watch a second episode of this show to see if it goes anywhere. Now, Friday Funday = SHARKNAD