Vampire Diaries – S05.08 – Dead Man on Campus

Oooo Jesse is dead. Caroline is pissed. Bonnie has new hair. Crazy Dr Maxfield was pumped full of flesh-eating bacteria and rabies.  Damon has his own story with being an Augustine vampire. Bonnie and Jeremy had sexytime in mood-lighting.

There is a new breed of vampires who feed on other vampires (Jesse is one of these hence why Elena staked him to keep him from eating Damon. Miz assumes this is because someone wants all the “old” vampires to die out?). Katherine tried to kill herself and Stefan saved her: Hey, you’re Katherine Pierce…suck it up.


Vampire Diaries – S05.07 – Death and the Maiden

Pissed off Silas is hilarious (“they prefer to be called administrative assistants”). Why is he in Philly? Ooo and I had forgotten the third doppleganger. And sassy Katherine is good times. (Anyone else think Nina needs to eat some candy and pies??).

This episode managed to fix everything that was wrong with the rest of this season. And they did so by killing off three characters – Silas, Amara and Tessa. Sure, this was probably the only option open to writers at this point but changing the anchor to be Bonnie was a stroke of genius by Elena. Pity that Bonnie will now go crazy from being in pain all the time…

Stefan and Elena having “the talk” was one of the best scenes. It was moving when he admitted to wanting to see Elena and Damon when the safe was opened. For Stefan to kill Silas showed closure, though I want to know why they didn’t just burn him – burying bodies always seems to thrown spanners in the works. Let’s see how the cliffhanger works out though…


Vampire Diaries – S05.06 – Handle With Care

Miz was hoping for better things than last week. Instead it was crazy. Bat shit craziness. Well I guess that is a way of prolonging a storyline – create a third doppleganger. Miz guesses this was a way out of the rest of the crazy: secret society, travellers going after daylight rings, knock-knock jokes …

At last count: three Elena dopplegangers, two Stefan dopplegangers (though one of those is actually pre- and post- amnesia Stefan), minus one of Bonnie (she’s dead) and one of everyone else. And and doesn’t Matt have a demon/traveller/person inside him. Confused? Yip, so is everyone else.

The best part of this episode was Caroline being bat shit crazy. Though she then teamed up with Katherine, who is nothing but a plot device though then “Elena” was able to get inner sanctum to the secret society that is anti vampires (or whatever I was actually called). Who the bleep is Augustine Vampire (Elena’s dad??). Is Augustine another doppleganger (oh I hope not)? Is Bonnie dead dead? Can Silas really just die please? Okay thankskbye.

Also, Katherine is apparently growing old. I thought he grey hair was a fashion statement. Probably not with the tooth though.


Vampire Diaries – S05.05 – Monster’s Ball

Quite a lot of back story in this episode – was it just me or did it drag because of it? The big reveal is that travelling Nadia is Katherine’s daughter (hence why Katherine was banished to England which is where she met the Originals). Once again, Katherine is being used as a plot device and doesn’t die no matter what diabolical situation she is in.

Talking about another plot device: Tyler. They didn’t need to bring him back last episode, but they did. Miz thinks that they should have left well alone and just had him never turn up after Caroline left the breakup voice mail. (Also, that basically means that Tyler has moved over to The Originals to take down Klaus.) Tyler took the step out of Caroline’s life though – well done. Heart broke from Caroline but it was a one-sided relationship which needed to end so Caroline can find a new hottie.

The shining plus about the university storyline is the evil professor character: Wes. He made Jesse into a vampire and is warning Elena off staying on campus. Then there is Aaron, who was/is Megan’s friend, who is the charge of Wes. Interesting … Is he evil, is he vengeful, is it a nice guy? Oh la la.

Silas should have been out of action for the immediate future. Let’s see how THAT goes down trying to rescue Bonnie. But nope, that didn’t happen either.

All in all, this was quite a boring episode. Bought out a bunch of plot points, but no pashing or hot looks by Damon – hopefully next episode is better.


Vampire Diaires – S05.04 – For Whom The Bell Tolls

(Let’s start by saying this title is a Metallica song. Good work team bogan :))

Miz cried. Then stopped to get popcorn and cried some more. This was excellent Vampire Diaries. It had Jeremy doing push-ups, death, massive car crash, double-crossing, tears, hugs, friends and love. It was just awesome. Nostalgia brings Miz to tears apparently.

Jeremy: I’m not sure what else to say.
Bonnie: Say that I’m not going anywhere. Say that even though they couldn’t see me, I’ve been there the whole time.

Also, you can’t help but notice the amazing sexual chemistry between Stefan and Elena. I mean, Damon is super dooper hot, but I feel like Stefan is the true love. Maybe. I dunno. He was also a huge dick in this episode.


Vampire Diaries – S05.03 – Original Sin

Do you reckon that the producers of The Vampire Diaries just scour American soil for attractive people and then cast them? Because hot damn all the males are H.O.T and the females just keep coming in their flawless shapes.

Basically the premise of this episode is that Stefan didn’t switch off his humanity switch, now he is tied to Silas and has had his conscious mind/memory erased as part of this tie (meaning no memory of Damon or Elena or Delana – good thing?). Silas’ ex-girlfriend, Qetsiyah/Tessa, is a pyscho beetch and spices up this cast. Tessa is paranoid and delusional, as well as being an all powerful witch (like the top witch of all subsequent witches!) who made the immortality cure, created the Other Side and proceeded to cut the heart out of Silas’ lover who he left her for like 2000 years ago (the lover was the first Elena/Katharine doppelganger). A woman scorned and all that jazz. She is awesome. We need more crackpot hot females on tv.

Tessa also said that the universe and destiny conspire together and Elena and Stefan’s doppelgangers in lives past always end up together. Always. Means that Delena shouldn’t last. So either they will break up or they will fight destiny according to Tessa and end up together. But before this big reveal was this very very cute speech by Damon to Elena which was basically “keep safe you crazy lady, I love you and I want to spend all my forevers with you”. CUTE.

However there are two sets of dopplegangers running around so maybe that will screw up “destiny”.

A bunch of the cast was missing from this episode which was a bit odd: no Bonnie, Jeremy, Caroline, hot Jesse and weird lecturer guy. Meanwhile Matt is haunted slash possessed by traveller Gregor who is Nadia’s friend who was killed last episode, who didn’t die as Nadia hid him in Matt. Confused yet? So are we. We don’t even know who the travellers are. Grumble.

BUT the cure is in Katharine’s blood. Oh la la. Which is why Silas wants Katharine. I love this show!!

(Also, prediction: Tessa will drop teh veil again and Bonnie will come back. I doubt Aleric will come back, but Bonnie def has to come back so that the three girls are happily ever after and Jeremy and Bonnie can have cute kids together).



Vampire Diaries – S05.02 – True Lies

Man this season is hot hot hot. Damon and Elena’s passion is amazing and underpins every scene of this new season. Apart from that, we see that Elena and Caroline’s easy-going freshman’s year isn’t going according to plan. Two new characters – hot student and hot student – Dr Maxwell is weird and seems to know all and may or may not be working with Jesse (who is super untrusty and surely he killed Megan, right?). Oo I like this development in another world away from Mystic Falls.

Matt and Jeremy have joined forces to save Katherine – of course she’s not grateful and is all dirty now that she’s a human and on the run from Silas – and Matt died for the first time and found out the truth about Bonnie being a somewhat-ghost, though he promptly forgot it when he became back alive.

Interesting twist was Nadia turning on her gypsy friend – maybe she wants Silas’ babies? Silas is an interesting character isn’t he? I mean he just seems so good at everything and immortal and stuffs I mean how on earth are you going to kill someone like that?

PS Do we have Ripper Stefan back and is Elena going to have to save him (again)? Argh. I guess want him to meet a nice girl, and settle down, and live happily ever after. For a vampire.