GoT S02.03 – What is Dead May Never Die

Right so after a hiatus of other shows (namely HIMYM, Revenge, Mentalist, and Scandal), I’ve been forced to try and delve deeper into this show. This fad show. This confusing show. This show where I am still terribly confused about everyone’s motives and why all the good looking men have long hair. This show that everyone is currently watching season 4 of. But I promised new friend TT that I would watch some episodes so we can GOSSIP. So here I go with THOUGHTS and FEELINGS.

– Everyone wears a lot of black on this show.

– Where the bloody hell are the dragons?!

– Where is my love Jon Snow? Does he need caring for with his head wound?

– Renly tut tut. It’s okay that you like boys but don’t force them to be your friend (possibly not okay for a king in this world, but hey, no judgey from this corner). Also your wife Margaery has got to stop showing her assets in public. It’s a tad embarrassing. Also embarrassing in that she wants King Renly to invite her brother in to come get him started. Deary me.

– Sansa (sp?) was weird and moany in this episode. Yes I know she is in a bad way with the whole Joffery debacle. But I mean really.

– Tyrion amuses me. Good times. Pycelle was bad but I never like him or beardy beard anyway so bye bye.

– Also that Tyrion paid the whore twice amused me. I hope she remembers this fondly.

– Theonis just such a weak character. He’ll end up being on the wrong side of teh Stark divide and actually he doesn’t want to side with his family! Starks are more of a family than his own family. Especially when you mix in sexual attraction to sister. Ew.

– Not NEEDLE!! Nooooo.

Arya and Jon are still Miz’s favourite.


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