Pride and Prejudice – BBC review

Miz has never read, nor watched, any adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. SHOCK. This is much to the horror of every female she knows. Turns out P&P is a favourite of high school friends, university pals, book club girls, and work colleagues. To have not seen the BBC adaptation seems to be close to a social faux pas and at the risk of losing many of her friends, she sat down over two consecutive Sundays (yes of course with bubbles) to watch Mr Darcy and the Bennets. Herewith are Miz’s thoughts.

I get the feeling that the first version of P&P that you watch, you will fall in love with that particular pairing of Darcy and Bennet. That’s why my friends made me watch the 1995 BBC version before any other (and yes I’ll probably watch the Kiera movie but I’ve been warned that I won’t like it, and I would be interested to watch the 1940s version as well). I figure that each female generation will have their own Mr Darcy: Firth is ours and he always will be no matter what role he takes on (by the way, I still think his role in ‘A Single Man’ is one of his most amazing).

What did I think about Darcy? Colin Firth is a dreamboat. Fencing, swimming in the lake, taking a bath. Not going to lie, he’s an excellent choice for Darcy. Dark, brooding, can convey a series of emotions through his eyes and eyebrows. BUT I have to say, I’m not sure whether I liked the Darcy character as much as others do. Yes, the characterisation of him by Firth was excellent, but I did find Darcy to be a bit of a brooder. Yes, I realise that is the reason behind the whole series – so maybe if I re-watched it I would change my mind. Also, he had the best wardrobe out of everyone. AND the sexual tension between him and Lizzie was excellent.

Favourite scene? Lizzy and Catherine de Bourugh in the garden where they are spitting tacks at one another. Closely followed by the dancing scene at the Netherfield Ball – so many skips and hops that one can’t help but be amused.

Who is my favourite character? I have quite a few favourite characters, but I think Mr Bennet is probably my favourite: “Oh, Mr. BENNET!”  He’s bookish as well as sassy, and snaps for him trying to hold his own in his family full of different (and difficult) female personalities. His interactions with his daughters (particularly Lizzy) was enjoyable.

What character would I most like to play? Lydia. She was trouble and I loved every second of her young, scandalous life. She was just so oblivious to all the eye-rolling and wheeling and dealings happening around her. Totes lol! I loved the character of Collins for the same reason – creepy, slick, slimy, and enjoyable hand gestures that I shall be trying to replicate! Also, anyone else think that Collins and Mary should have ended up together?!

What is Jane’s dealio? Us girls had a rather interesting conversation about whether Jane was meant to be simple or just naive, and then related that she wasn’t very pretty in this 1995 version (“homely” more than “beautiful” which is what she is meant to be if you’re being true to the book). I suspect I’ll like the physical nature of Jane in the movie the best.

Special effects: In 1995 the special effects were amazing. Reflections on glass. Good times.

Telephone: I couldn’t help but think if there were such things are telephones, mobiles, emails or txts, then the whole thing wouldn’t have blown up. But then if the whole thing hadn’t blown up, then Darcy wouldn’t have professed his actual love yadda yadda. I would love to see a modern adaptation involving txt messages.

Winking: I generally wished for more winking in this show. Like a come hither wink. I also wanted more pashing. Screw these traditional values.

Pemberly House: Wants it. I didn’t appreciate that Lizzie was so materialistic and I have to banish the thought that she only really fell for Darcy after she saw his house.

(PS Hilarious byte-sized English literature plot summary in video form)

Anyone want to watch the 1940s version with me in a few weekends time?? J

5 6

7 8


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