Sherlock – Season 1

Wow, how have Miz and TechSupport not found this show before now!! With all our normal shows on hiatus we tried out a few others and watched a few movies in our holiday mode. We decided to watch this given all the hype surround the third season which has just started… And boy did we like it!!

Sherlock is like a cross between The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Lie to Me, and all those CSI/Criminal Intent programmes. Benedict Cumberbatch is amazing. His cheekbones are made for this type of high-functioning-sociopath. His tall, slender walk, and slim fitted costuming with his mop of hair, just jump out of the screen and scream Holmes. He gets off on solving these crimes and in serial killers, seemingly to play mind games but not in the dooshbaggery may of Patrick Jane.

Watson and Sherlock play off each other so well don’t they? We were hooked before Sherlock made his speech about deductions to do with John after looking at his cell-phone.

We loved this 21st adaptation of one of the literary classics – smartphone and forensics, nicotine patches instead of pipe chain smoking, and the internet instead of libraries. Moriarty was excellent in the last episode and the craziness of the changing accent – GOLD. And oh the cliffhanger. I can see how viewers were irritated having to wait 2 years before the second series!


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