Revenge – S03.10 – Exodus

This is it. This is the episode that Miz has been waiting for over the last 2 and a half seasons. Emily getting her revenge-on Vicky. “Only you could make vengeance so beautiful.” – Nolan. If you haven’t seen this episode, then don’t read this post. I’m warning you. Super dooper spoilers ahead.

Firstly, the non-essential plot points:

Wedding dress: beautiful, but made her look super square. And I think I saw panty line. Could have been better. AND then she wore a different poofy bottom to the ceremony itself. I guess if you’ve got a costume budget… Talking about budget, I mean it was a nice wedding but it certaintly wasn’t a great gatsby/hampton’s wedding was it? TechSupport (who was watching from afar in the corner) said that she should have sorted her hair differently than what she normally wears in her revengey-every-day-lives.

(Also, Lydia’s red dress was AWESOME but NOT.AT.ALL appropriate for a wedding. Doesn’t stop Miz from wanting it though. Verdict is out on the spew yellow/green dress.)

The sexual tension between the newly found Patrick and Vicky was still there, even after all this time! Vicky wore a negligee and Patrick left his hands on his mother’s shoulders slight.too.long. It’s like GOT all over again. I see your mouth moving “mom” and yet your eyes are saying “bedfellow”.

Talking about bedfellows. Does everyone in the world want Nolan to JUST BE HAPPY?! Nolan-in-tails deserves to have some sham-bang too.

Miz also enjoyed the flashback on Emily’s journey throughout the episode.

I also enjoyed Sara and Jack’s sexytime eyes and heart-to-heart. It was a tragic scene but it was super adorable. I liked it. BUT THEN things went DOWNHILL. Sara, what are you doing?? The suicide attempt wasn’t foreshadowed at all.

Vicky throwing the bracelet overboard was sadface – all that gun residue.

No one just leaves a remote lying around that operates the secret passage to the safe. TOTES UNREALISTIC.

Right, onto the main event: Emily is “dead-ed” and who shot her?

How about THAT for the shooter?! Daniel Grayson. You naughty boy. Not only did you ring Sara on your WEDDING NIGHT, you also shot Emily. What were you thinking?! Drunk? Argh, writers should have stopped with the drunken storyline. But it was a nice twist about Daniel shooting Em. Sure, he was on my list, but I always thought he was too weak to actually do something about it. I guess Drunk Daniel Loves Sara And Upset About Life isn’t weak at all.

BUT – why the hell did Aiden leave Lydia and Vicky ALONE. Thought the plan was to lock Vicky (and presumably whoever was with her) in the bathroom to screw over the alibi. What was Aiden thinking here?! This screwed everything up – allowed everything to uncoil [Also, Miz tried to write “untoil” which apparently isn’t a word; the things you don’t know). Is Aiden not Team Emily after all?! Confused. AND how did Daniel get gun?

Final thought: Emily can’t really be dead. Can she?! This would blow my mind. Oh please say she’s deaded.!! Or at least playing dead FOR EVERYONE. But Jack. Jack and Ems forever.

Actual final thought: Em’s wedding vows were to Jack. And to revenge. And they were beautiful: Daniel, I’ve looked forward to this day since I was a little girl. Thank you for letting me into your life, into your family. Through you, I’ve become the woman that I always wanted to be, the woman that I needed to be. From the moment I met you, I knew that this moment was in our destiny. We share a bond that is unbreakable. Until death parts us.

PS Miz apoligises for the shouty BITS in this post. It was just outrageous. The whole episode. And that is a testament to this episode and everything coming together. Haven’t been this excited for a Revenge episode for ages!
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