The Mentalist – S06.09 and S06.10

Caught myself up. Oh la la!

Two years in advance. No Red John. Jane speaking Spanish. And it was totes obvious that the other American, hot lady person, was a plant. Agent Kim Fischer is a new character and does mix things up a bit. Jane will be playing with Kim’s mind and this will add a new dimension to the series. Also, surely they will have to clean up all the various agents of Red John? SURELY.

Miz appreciates Cho’s deadpan look. He’s SUCH an FBI agent isn’t he. I just want him to find true love now.

So many things to say. Anyway, glad that this series is going to take a slight twist now that Red John is dead-ed.


2 thoughts on “The Mentalist – S06.09 and S06.10

  1. Not quite sure though why they based a New York investigation out of Texas though… that’s a lot of air miles. Surely the FBI has some sort of facility in New York they could have borrowed…?

    But agree re Fischer – it’ll also be interesting to see what dynamic between Lisbon and her develops – does she lean on Lisbon as to how to handle Jane, or does she not trust her as Lisbon’s grown too close to him?

    • Good point! Also TechSupport totally guessed gypsy guy was dead right at the beginning of the episode, so we basically guessed the ending.

      I don’;t know why you would have another strong female character (Kim) or male law enforcement (Abbott). reckon Van Pelt and Rigsby are going to get demoted and take on a consultant role for odd crimes in their specialty areas??

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