Revenge – S03.09 – Surrender

Miz watched this episode last night and immediately txted JJ: “Have you watched revenge this week? Basically Conrad wears cardy around neck/shoulders and Vicky red Christmas themed outfits.” Then Miz got excited slash distracted as shirtless Aiden was on screen.

In 24 hours Daniel and Emily get married, and we will finally see who “kills” Emily. And this episode tied up a bunch of loose ends that needed to happen – Emily and Aiden have new identities/passports with last names Ross (cute!) Nolan will come visit them in the Maldives), Sarah said “no deal” and left Daniel, Lydia and Conrad had sexytime and love each other, Charlotte wants to leave the Hamptons (JJ will appreciate that!), and Aiden proposed (of course he did). Oh and Vicky has un-RSVPed to the wedding which is obviously AWFUL because Emily NEEDS her there to get REVENGE.

So a lot happened. Miz kinda just yawned through the hour, hoping that next week’s episode comes fast…


– Lydia is playing (with/on/simply playing) Conrad and will scam everyone out of all the money.

– Lydia will do something with photograph which resurfaced with Emily-Amanda in black wig. She’s got to be one pissed off lady that this is the photograph that caused her to get on the plane (and then off again – back when Vicky and Lydia loved/tolerates each other).

– One of the boys must die or get injured. Aiden maybe? Certainty Emily and Aiden won’t be horse riding off into the sun anytime soon…

– Vicky throwing her toys by un-RSVPing will obviously backfire in some delicious fashion.

– Daniel will throw in the towel and they won’t get married. Ooo maybe DANIEL WILL DIE.

– Something big has to happen to Jack. Maybe he won’t die, but possibly he’ll kill Aiden?

JJ – Any other predictions? (There are 13 episodes left of this season FYI…)

Revenge - Episode 3.09 - Surrender - Promotional Photos (2)


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