Scandal – S0201 – White Hat’s Off

So Quinn was framed for the murder of her boyfriend. Boyfriend may have found out a secret. Murder of boyfriend was through a bomb that actually killed 6 others as well. But Quinn gets off because Olivia calls ina favour – dones’t make the justice system look any better than the white house!! Meanwhile Millie is just amazing at political manipulation. Couldn’t be her, but OMG she’s amazeballs.

Big reveal: Olivia and Huck kidnapped Quinn and gave her a new identity. Miz wonders how long it will be until Quinn works this out? (Probably not very long).

Another big reveal: Stephen has gone from the team and show. Did people not like his character? Did Olivia Pope and Associates have too many people? I was expecting him to be doing Olivia’s dirty work somewhere offscreen but it doesn’t look that way.


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