Scandal – S02.03 – Hunting Season

Ooo I want secret service agents who will keep me safe and turn the other way when I make silly decisions. Not that I make a lot of those types of decisions!! I just like the idea of them.

I DON’T like the idea of spying on people. That freaks me out. Hidden cameras, recordings, the whole shambang. And I believed Artie. Same on me. And on Huck. Turns out Huck isn’t good at reading people anymore – wonder if this will illustrate throughout the rest of the season?

Anyway, there is thing called Thorngate which allows NSA to spy on citizens. Artie comes to Olivia for protection. It doesn’t end well. Looks like Olivia and/or Huck have enemies who still want to get them. Huck was nice to Olivia and told her she wasn’t allowed to walk to her car by herself ever again.

Big reveal: Olivia used to like Edison, and Edison is now Senator on the Intelligence Committee. And really really good looking. So good looking in fact that Fitz is super mad and Olivia and him have this super mad slash passionate pashing scene while the secret service people turn their backs (hence earlier comment).

Second big reveal: Abby and David pashed a bit. It was good, but then Olivia got orders to close them down. Which made me sad.

And and then Mellie basically said she wants to be President one day. No biggie.


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