Scandal – S0107 – Grant for the People (finale!)

Miz watched 8 or 9 episodes of Scandal over the weekend. Addiction. But that’s okay – it’s because the writers leave cliffhangers, so that makes Miz have THOUGHTS and FEELINGS. Thus, here is a short reaction for each episode…

Quinn’s secret identity is a bombshelll (see what I did there?!) and it was sad that Gideon/LieToMe guy died. Stupid Chief of Staff of VP was the bad guy. And then Stephen steps in and tells Olivia that she cannot have the Pres. Of course it made sense for Millie to claim she was on the tape. However, the new baby storyline? Surely the “royal” doctor would be able to tell conception dates yadda yadda.

Big reveal: The torturer of Amanda was actually in Cyrus’ pocket the whole time. But we are meant to like him!! Oh EMOTIONS.


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