Scandal – S01.06 – The Trail

The purpose of this episode was to go back in time and see who super awesome Olivia could ever have an affair with Pres Scumbag. Turns out Miz felt almost sympathetic to President – what is this world coming to?! We also found out that the big bad wolf was the Vice President’s Chief of Staff, Billy Chambers. Ooo guessed it! He had creepy hair. The blackmail tape? Yip, that was him. More interestingly it was a recording of Olivia and Pres in their first tryst together, which Billy had been sitting on for two years to find the right patsy to bring down Fitz. Amanda was his patsy; She was also his girlfriend and carried his baby.

Two years ago Olivia was bought into Fitz’s campaign as a governor to help him and his wife seem more personable. And she dominated. You go girl! Unfortunately she dominated and challenged so so much that Fitz and her had sparks flying all over the show. It was clear to everyone that his marriage was dead as a dead thing: He asks Olivia: What kind of a coward was I to marry her and not wait for you to show up?”. He realised that his wife was also using him to become First Lady (she made up a fake miscarriage to get the support of the public) and he simply fell in love with Olivia. It was a bit sad really – silly politics game.

Other things were revealed tonight away from this main storyline: Abby looks amazing with curly hair and loves to bake cupcakes, which made my heart warm. Huck used to be super hairy and lived on the streets. Oh yeah and poor Gideon had scissors shoved in his neck by Scumbag Billy and will probably bleed to death. Sad face.

Bring on the season finale!

Scandal: The Trail Sticker | GetGlue

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