Scandal – S01.05 – Crash and Burn

Plane crashes aren’t at all exciting. The investigations and resulting public relations are interesting because of all the mud slinging that occurs in public, and even more that must happen behind closed doors. And this was interesting. But really this plot point just gave Olivia’s B Team something to focus on while Olivia mooned over Pres Scumbag and Huck tortured someone.

The MOST interesting person this episode was Huck. Man, he’s nasty. But a reformed piece of nasty. So Miz still likes him. telling the team how he would stake out the apartment in order to keep tabs on Olivia, and kidnap Amanda, was most excellent. Then turns out he knows the person paid to abduct Amanda and learns that Amanda is dead.

Huck had a breakdown after working for Black Ops for CIA and his history was erased, no family or friends contactable, and Olivia picked him up and made him part of her family. And it is apparently that he loved the thrill of torturing and capturing people, so that Olivia straightened him out. So when Olivia asks him to find Amanda’s body, you knew it was an awful awful thing to ask…

Now I never warmed to Amanda Paris but still, she didn’t deserve to die in a political game to keep her silent of her baby or deal she made with another person. Pres Scumbag at least looked upset, whereas Cyrus looked like an ass and couldn’t give a toss. Olivia told Pres where her body was located (thanks to Huck’s efforts). Then we found out (via Stephen who used his “wits”) that Amanda’s baby wasn’t the Presidents. oh la la.

Lady Vice Pres seems like a doosh. I suspect she was written that way so we think she masterminded the whole Pres-Amanda blackmail tape. But then Pres Scum forced her to vote in a way she didn’t want to (I was wondering whether there was any form of cabinet solidarity for non-conscious votes. Silly American politics.).

Pres Scumbag did have one of the best scenes this week though where he tried to be spontaneous and leave the White House. Sure, he went straight to Olivia’s. Well of course he did. He lusts/loves her.

Til next week…


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