Scandal – S01.04 – Enemy of the State

This episode involved a background case in Spanish which Miz tuned in and out of. There was a wife that was supposedly abducted, but really she wanted to leave her awful dictator husband because she didn’t love him; something something political asylum. Sorry writers, didn’t buy it. BUT the other Pres Scumbag story blew up and rapidly is becoming the most excellent drawcard (aka everything that he touches disappears/goes boom/goes bad)

BUT – Best quote and soliloquy that Miz has heard on tv in a very long time happened care of Cyrus. It’s way way too long to transcribe in its entirety. But it was gold. Also, Cyrus is gay. Excellent.

(Credit: From

This episode was also excellent for providing some background on the characters by way of Cyrus/Pres Scumbag doing background checks on the members of Olivia’s team.

  • Huck (Miz’s fav) is a mystery but he did work for the CIA, is a hacker, and has a bunch of redacted blacked out reports on his file. He’s also huge, though he supports Olivia in a lot of ways which is cute.
  • Harrison had some legal troubles and Olivia defended him pro bono. But he’s super rich.
  • Stephen was a big-wig on the up and up then suffered a major mental breakdown. Now he’s engaged yet turns up to Olivia’s house with red wine in the middle of the night when Olivia is in a state. Nice guy or just knows too much about what’s going on with Olivia to turn away?
  • Abby (who has gorgeous hair) was domestically abused by her husband and Olivia saved her.
  • Quinn is the most interesting though. She didn’t exist until a couple of years ago. Ooo, way to capture my attention writers!

Then in the closing few minutes, Amanda Paris was abducted – ooooooo. Even spookier was the Pres Scumbag doign a news conference on the tv that was left playing after the abduction. But by whom? Either Pres Scumbag (Miz doubts it), First Lady (possibility), or some third party (greater possibility) that she made the phone call to and declared she was “out”.

Wants to go home and watch the next three episodes. Right. Now.


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