Scandal – S01.03 – Hell Hath No Fury

Miz (and TechSupport slyly looking from the corner of the room) did a double-header of this season last night. It’s. Just. So. Addictive.

This episode will be known for the big reveal at the end of the episode where the First Lady KNEW about Olivia and Pres Scum’s affair and indeed actually encourages him to “get some” so he can “sleep”. Though I don’t think these types of “arrangements” revolving around “sleeping”, but Miz has known to be wrong before (not on very many occasions ha!). Miz did enjoy knowing that boys are silly and the First Lady has her own agenda.

Talking about boys being silly: Turns out Amanda (aka Paris) is pregnant. Uh oh. Bad Pres Scumbag – doesn’t he know no hubba hubba if you ain’t got a rubber? Some people are just stoopid. Also someone has delivered a recording of the sexytime between Pres and Amanda to Cyrus (see below) and they think it’s Olivia. Even though it isn’t. It’s also not Lie To Me journalist guy. So who is it? Dum dum dum.

Meanwhile Meredith Grey’s dropkick father has morphed into the President’s second in command. No, not the Vice Pres (he’s off being important off-screen); Chief of Staff known as Cyrus Beene. Him and Olivia used to be “tight” but now he is throwing his toys because he didn’t know that Olivia and Pres where having sexytime. Though I suspect he’s actually angry because he should have known, but somehow he didn’t.

Huck is excellent.

The case here was quite interesting actually: millionaire lady’s brat of a son, accused of rape, which he didn’t do, mother wants him off and enlists the help of Olivia. Though he didn’t turn up for court (ROOKIE move) and Olivia had to find him and bring him in. Turns out he raped this “victim’s” best friend, paid her off, and then she committed suicide. Olivia talked mother into giving up her son on rape charges. it was an excellent moral victory.

All around, good episode Scandal. So then, straight onto the next one…


2 thoughts on “Scandal – S01.03 – Hell Hath No Fury

  1. I Do think Huck is excellent. And I also am thankful that there is only 7 episodes this season as I will DOMINATE them.

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