Scandal – S01.02 – Dirty Little Secrets

(It’s the new Lie To Me!!! It even has the same people. You go Quinn and tell handsome boy from lie to me where to shove his news outlet hounding).

So, a judge nominee is discovered to have alliances with the finest Madam in Washington. It becomes all politicky (more so than it is generally in the US) as it is the new President’s first Supreme Court nominee. Was he a client, or wasn’t he? (Also the newly engaged Stephen was a past client, oh la la). Protecting the client list is a difficult business. Oh yea, he was a client but he married “Stacey” the first girl in the Madam list. Oh la la. Sex and scandal.

And then, Amanda (the one who had the sweet baby affair with Pres Dooshbag) (ALSO IT IS PARIS FROM GIRLMORE GIRLS!!!), anyway Amanda disappears from hospital after the suicide watchy thingy. Eventually Olivia manages to woo Amanda into coming under her protection. Unfortunately the help is a double-edged sword represents itself as then the reporter turns up and he know, oh yet he knows, that he’s onto something.

I liked it. Now, sleep. Good thing there is only 7 episodes in this season!! WHOP WHOP


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