Scandal – S01.01 – Pilot / Sweet Baby

TechSupport is doing geeky guy building stuff outside so Miz decides it’s time for a new tv show. SCANDAL IT IS. It’s like an intelligent person’s version of Revenge (and yes I watch Revenge too, so it’s like the pot calling the kettle black :P). It’s like a crisis management legal community.

So, Miz has dipped into the world that is Olivia Pope and Associates. And boy, does everyone in this world dress well!!

This episode is about a military man who has gay trysts even though he is a right wing anti-gay republican. Shakes head – he would rather be framed for murder, than admit he is gay. Literally everyone else in this show (and in my lounge room) are shaking their heads.

Parallel storyline is that Olivia is best mates with the President and also the previous Comms Director for the White House (under the former President) and he asks her to sort a situation with a staff member, Amanda. She finds out that the President lied to her about his “intentions” (by calling Amanda “sweet baby” nontheless) and then there was a bit of a hot scene where he tried to make out with Olivia. Bad news Mr President. Bad news.

Other characters: Was the new girl called Quinn? She was very proper but lovely. And then there was Stephen, who was going to (slash does) propose. And Olivia sorts out the ring. It was super sweet and the ring choices were to die. for. Abby is my favourite as she is swarmy and sassy, likes it! Was Huck the one who dresses in the three-quarter tops and silently broods from the corner (unless there is a girl crying in the toilets)? IT nerb and hacker I think.

So what genre is this tv show? Girly? Procedural? The Sex And the City crowd? Boston Legal? Unsure. However I do know that TechSupport got a little bit into the show halfway through too, and Miz really really liked the outfits. And the crisis management aspect of this show is fascinating and enjoyable.


2 thoughts on “Scandal – S01.01 – Pilot / Sweet Baby

  1. Definitely a political thriller worth watching. It gets better as the characters develop. Agree – best dressed cast in the history of forever.

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