Revenge – S03.08 – Secrecy

Miz forgot she watched this until she saw the shorts for next week. However looks like JJ also hasn’t reviewed this, so in massive catch up mode, here are Miz’s thoughts.

– Lydia is alive. Well of course she is! Does anyone ever die in this programme? HOW ON EARTH DID SHE SURVIVE

– Sarah is not a homewreaker but she does seem to actually like Daniel. While I think that is a stupid stupid pairing given their history, I actually think she is one of the most genuine characters in the show. I mean she makes cupcakes, so surely she can’t be mean.

– There was a silly bridal shower where everyone wears white and gives presents to the happy couple. Doesn’t that sound like wedding?

– Silly game at the shower called “This is Your Life” which reveals a secret person in Emily’s past. Suprise suprise, it’s her ex husband, Rohan. Daniel rightfully gets all houghty-toughy but the visa-wedding makes sense and he has to back down. And he’s a Takeda revengy person too. Yahoo.

– Aiden roughed up someone at the Stowaway. Yes the guy was a creep to Charlotte, but Aiden almost killed the guy. Not cool Aiden.

– Vicky is smarter than Conrad. Well duh. Conrad has a shag pad that he tells Daniel about and basically gives you an open excuse to have an affair. But Vicky knows about it.

– Conrad’s excellent marriage advice strikes again: Contrary to what they say, the secret to staying happily married is secrecy.

– Daniel used the shad pad with Sarah (even though I don’t think they slept together) and Emily finds out through Vicky.

– And then shocks of shock: Emily tells Daniel she is pregnant. From:


2 thoughts on “Revenge – S03.08 – Secrecy

  1. I finally watched this!!! Am super pissed about Lydia. Ugh. What? No. Also Margoaueuiux needs to go away. Although I covet her secret-meeting-trenchcoat. Also Emily’s faux-pre-wedding dress was *awful*. Ill-fitting and too shiny – it looked like a Project Runway attempt at fashioning a dress out of a cheap ‘fancy’ tablecloth.

    Daniel – I have zero spoons. Just go away. Sarah is a hoebag. I don’t care if there is love, you came back into his life to MAKE HIS WEDDING CAKE and as far as you know his fiancée is a freaking saint so STOP! Also the baby move was super lame. I has a disappoint. But it worked (because Daniel has no spine and abortions / single motherhood without the tragic death of a partner aren’t really an option in US mainstream tv outside the ‘gritty urban drama’ category), so whatevs.

    Also Jack and Emily are *so* going to make it. Yay!! Aidan just no. Never. I adore Nolan keeping him in line, too. So much awesome!!! Also, the first three words of the superprevious sentence stand generally.

    Conrad can go and sit on a cabbage. He’s getting more sleazy and less interesting by the ep. Blah.

    Yay this is fun and now I’m only two eps behind!!

  2. I think I found a way to like French girl: Simply look at her clothes and ignore her-Jack storyline.

    Keep going JJ. You’re almost up to date … 😛

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