Glee – S05.07 – No Strings Attached

Okay, this episode was literally all over the show. Miz LOVES the Muppets. Puppets are awesome. She would love to have a puppet of herself. BUT this episode was just freaking weird, and the songs were awful. AWFUL.

Premise for this episode? Blaine treating everyone as puppets and wanting to control them all. Oh and some weird gas leak in the Glee classroom which caused hallucinogenic song numbers. And Sue wears trackpants because 30 years ago Figgins told her to consider wearing pants so people would take her more seriously. Oh and Bree thought she was pregnant which happens to everyone teenager on this show who has pre-marital sexytime.

Miz suggests that her REAL hatred for this episode was the closing number which will define this generation (like Crazy Frog did ours): What Does The Fox Say? WHAT THE BLOOMING HELL TRASH IS THIS.

Ring ding ding ding ding

Glee puppets!


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