Game of Thrones – S02.02 – The Night Lands

Lord Commander (? Night Commander ?) is no more – Miz thinks he’s the same one who killed all of Ned’s men in the throne room last season.

Tyrion seems to have got angry that he killed a baby bastard. I think. (Everyone looks the same in armour). Too many titles and characters. Is there a handy episode-by-episode guide to all the characters?

Ayra has been found out by her “friend” Gendry. Oh isn’t Gendry one of the bastard Robert offsprings? (Vaguely remembering something from last season). JJ, what is this guys deal? Is he a good guy? Can Gendry be my new favourite character? Him and Jon Snow should hang out and you know, look pretty.

Who is the black pirate dude who is hanging out with the Scottish guy?

Do all the ladies have clothes that just come off for sexy time?

Who is this witchy lady?! She mucked up the whole game of “you shot my battleship”. I mean, how rude. Was that Stannis? What are HIS motivations?

Poor Theon as his daddy is mean to him. Though it was his own silly fault that he didn’t ask who the girl was before pillaging her – you knew you had a sister!

At least we found out that Queen Regent is less nasty than Joffrey. YOUR BAD CERSEI. (Not “you are” bad, your bad. Akin to “my bad”). Silly English language.

I think it’s about time to admit that I have no idea what is going on in this second season….



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