Game of Thrones – S02.01 – The North Remembers

After a brief hiatus from GOT to clear her TiVO (which would work as an excuse if she actually had a TiVO but it remains an accurate analogy for all the tv shows showing at the moment that she needed to stay current with – it’s a hard life), Miz dived into the first episode of the second season.

Joffrey is king and is still a dick. He watches people killing each other just for sport, while the Council meet to make all the important decisions. He also tried to drown someone with red wine. Tyrion turns up and berates Cersei (what is it like to be the disappointing child?), and reveals that he is now the Hand of the King now that their father is off fighting. Turns out everyone seems to know about Cersei and Jaime’s sexytime, but Joffrey doesn’t believe this “foul gossip”. And Joffrey likes to think that he has a flair for interior designing and is redecorating the throne room. Oh yeah, of course Sansa is still with Joffrey, basically cos she can’t escape.

Robb Stark is now “King of the North”. Ooo Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones. He thinks he is super powerful and gives everyone orders. Miz wonders how long this will go on. Catelyn did remark though that all his politicking would make Ned proud – Miz just doesn’t understand all the political stuffs. Also he met up with Jaime and there was a direwolf. YAH.

There are still dragons. But the dragons are grouchy as they are moany babies and they don’t want to eat. Khaleesi has been walking in the desert (Red Waste?) for ages and is tired and moany. Her white horse dies and that’s sad (though surely that means everyone, and the dragons, will get meat). I hope the little dragons cutely sneeze and then start a BBQ. There is also a comet which has something to do with dragons and them winning the war or something.

Jon Snow is a hardass, but he needs to be much much smarter. And somehow we met another “king” who I assume is the king of the night’s watch or wasteland?? JJ, help?! (also, lots of inbreeding here – daughters as wives yadda yadda).

There was also a raid in the whore house, and Tyrion bought his girlfriend to the city oh la la. But I got lost. JJ, did I miss anything important? I think there was a witch (Melisandre??) who managed to do a double back and kill an old man who was trying to kill her. There was also a Stannis but can’t say he left of an impression on me – what’s his dealio? Miz assumes the baby who got killed in the whore house was one of the old King Robert’s bastard offspring hence the crackdown.


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