Criminal Minds – S09.09 – Strange Fruit

This was one of our favourite episode in the Miz and TechSupport household. Why? Because showed the prowess of the BAU team’s interview techniques. This wasn’t one where they had to figure out the unsub: they had a pool of three suspects, and then it was about probing and using non-verbal clues to help determine who was lying or telling the truth.

The backbone of this case hinged on the tragedy of race relations in the 1960 and how some rebel white clan members attacked and castrated a black man who was falsely accused of rape. This backbone led Rossi to interview the dad of the family and to help along the interview and confession, Rossi confessed that he used to be bullied, and in turn his bullies made him bully a young black kid. This was incredibly sad and you could see the physical pain on Rossi’s face. Who knows the damage this will do to his and Morgan’s relationship.

The other thing that baffled me is why there were no records of why the dad was taking the testosterone – the answer was because he was castrated but this wasn’t revealed until the end of the show. If Garcia can hack into sealed criminal records, then why isn’t there records of this?

Obviously his resolution also meant that the son wasn’t his biological son. Though this was the least of the son’s issues:

Charles: You think slaves had prozac? No, they got out there, they worked.
Rossi: So if your son has mental issues, you think he should just push through them.
Charles: You’re damned right.

Finally, the haunting music at the end of the episode was an excellent touch. I think it was Strange Fruit by whom I presume was Billie Holiday which gives rise to the name of this episode.

Excellent episode.


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