Criminal Minds – S09.08 – The Return

Morgan has a gf of three months?! Sad face. BUT he seems happy so YAHOO! Her name is Savannah, and of course she is gorgeous. We love Morgan, so of course we love her as he dotes on her. YAH. She has a super cute pug dog too. Also, Garcia likes her, so we like her.

This case was quite creepy and involved reprogramming kidnapped teenagers to kill and create anarchy against the Chicago Police. When captured the children were taught to disclose their name, rank (soldier), and serial number. The first crime involved a mass shooting in a diner before the kid was killed by an off-duty cop who stopped off for a bite to eat. This was followed by a car bomb in the middle of the road, killing a police officer who was directing traffic. The motive was that a dirty cop was caught by a new cop, the new cop has now progressed through the ranks of the police department.

The episode culminated in a female suicide bomber and JJ saved the day by tackling her at the correct moment, and Morgan having an amazing shot. In other tv shows, the cops (or any shooter unless it’s a bad guy) shoot about a million rounds and don’t hit a single one.

The case was based on a 1974 kidnapping of Patty Hearst, the case that gave rise to the phrase “Stockholm syndrome”. Interesting case, based on a true crime.


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