Downton Abbey – S04.03 (other thoughts)

Miz has more thoughts aside from the BIG thing that happened this episode (discussed in post here). So in summary:

– Lord Gillingham was entertaining and actually Mary and him seemed well suited. Cynical enough to be realist, but also looked handsome together. Let’s see if Lady Mary can weave her love spell (and actually, I’m on the fence as to whether I want her to!). This was nice: “I’m not sure. Matthew changed me. I loved him, but he changed me. If I were as tough as I was before I met him, I bet I’d be happier now.”

– Poor Mrs Padmore getting in a tiss and having an anxiety attack. Hopefully this means Daisy can start to shine. It was very cute seeing Alfred helping too. You go you young things – break down those barriers! Anybody can cook Alfred!! You do it. I’m rooting for you.

– Edna is an unlikable character. Though of course her and Tom will have sexytime. Look how determined she is. Miz just doesn’t get the vibe or chemistry between these two. Tom was hilarious with the older lady who was asking him all about the upperclass contacts! Haha.

– Maggie’s one-liner awesome: “Oh no. If I were to search for logic, I should not look for it among the English upperclass!”

– Samson was bad news and must have been a cheater. Pretty impressed with Gregson here though – he started as such a weak character but I appreciate him a lot more after this episode: “dubious talents from [his] mis-spent youth.” For the win (literally and metaphorically)!

– Poor Isobel. You can fell her heart breaking every time it beats and she’s trying so so hard. “But you see what it comes down to in the end is this nice Lord Gillingham and Sir John over there, and him and him and you…you’re all alive. My son’s dead.”

– Lord Grantham is really beginning to irk me this season – particularly in his gambling ways as seen this episode, and his distain of any sort of change at all (like the kitchen staff as well as the servants joining in watching the performance). I mean really. He has no regard of anyone and is rapidly becoming my least favourite character.

– Does anyone actually like Jimmy (well except for Daisy)? He’s just irritating.

– Thomas’ hair amazed me this episode. Super. Perfect.


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