Glee – S05.05 The End of Twerk

Oh dear, Miley! “White chocolate signature move” oh Sam! And Rachel has a new hair”cut” (and has lost a lot of weight 😦 ). Though she is excellent in Funny Girl isn’t she? Dane parties in toilets. Mispelt tattoos. Peter Facinelli swoon. This episode had it all, including Will having a song with a fun mass dance number which was nice. And it was nice to see Rachel and Kurt both struggling to deal with life post-Finn in little ways.

Highlight that literally gave me chills/goosebumps was when Unique sang “If I Were a Boy”. Wow, moving rendition.

Marly is super pretty. Miz wishes she looked like her. Pity about dooshbag love bf Jake. Hopefully the writers have something good up their sleeves for her.

Where was Santana and Adam and Demi? I liked them/Starchild the bestest. Hopefully this week has more.

PS Anyone else think that Becky is annoying and an overdone character?


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