Vampire Diaries – S05.07 – Death and the Maiden

Pissed off Silas is hilarious (“they prefer to be called administrative assistants”). Why is he in Philly? Ooo and I had forgotten the third doppleganger. And sassy Katherine is good times. (Anyone else think Nina needs to eat some candy and pies??).

This episode managed to fix everything that was wrong with the rest of this season. And they did so by killing off three characters – Silas, Amara and Tessa. Sure, this was probably the only option open to writers at this point but changing the anchor to be Bonnie was a stroke of genius by Elena. Pity that Bonnie will now go crazy from being in pain all the time…

Stefan and Elena having “the talk” was one of the best scenes. It was moving when he admitted to wanting to see Elena and Damon when the safe was opened. For Stefan to kill Silas showed closure, though I want to know why they didn’t just burn him – burying bodies always seems to thrown spanners in the works. Let’s see how the cliffhanger works out though…


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