Vampire Diaries – S05.06 – Handle With Care

Miz was hoping for better things than last week. Instead it was crazy. Bat shit craziness. Well I guess that is a way of prolonging a storyline – create a third doppleganger. Miz guesses this was a way out of the rest of the crazy: secret society, travellers going after daylight rings, knock-knock jokes …

At last count: three Elena dopplegangers, two Stefan dopplegangers (though one of those is actually pre- and post- amnesia Stefan), minus one of Bonnie (she’s dead) and one of everyone else. And and doesn’t Matt have a demon/traveller/person inside him. Confused? Yip, so is everyone else.

The best part of this episode was Caroline being bat shit crazy. Though she then teamed up with Katherine, who is nothing but a plot device though then “Elena” was able to get inner sanctum to the secret society that is anti vampires (or whatever I was actually called). Who the bleep is Augustine Vampire (Elena’s dad??). Is Augustine another doppleganger (oh I hope not)? Is Bonnie dead dead? Can Silas really just die please? Okay thankskbye.

Also, Katherine is apparently growing old. I thought he grey hair was a fashion statement. Probably not with the tooth though.


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