Vampire Diaries – S05.05 – Monster’s Ball

Quite a lot of back story in this episode – was it just me or did it drag because of it? The big reveal is that travelling Nadia is Katherine’s daughter (hence why Katherine was banished to England which is where she met the Originals). Once again, Katherine is being used as a plot device and doesn’t die no matter what diabolical situation she is in.

Talking about another plot device: Tyler. They didn’t need to bring him back last episode, but they did. Miz thinks that they should have left well alone and just had him never turn up after Caroline left the breakup voice mail. (Also, that basically means that Tyler has moved over to The Originals to take down Klaus.) Tyler took the step out of Caroline’s life though – well done. Heart broke from Caroline but it was a one-sided relationship which needed to end so Caroline can find a new hottie.

The shining plus about the university storyline is the evil professor character: Wes. He made Jesse into a vampire and is warning Elena off staying on campus. Then there is Aaron, who was/is Megan’s friend, who is the charge of Wes. Interesting … Is he evil, is he vengeful, is it a nice guy? Oh la la.

Silas should have been out of action for the immediate future. Let’s see how THAT goes down trying to rescue Bonnie. But nope, that didn’t happen either.

All in all, this was quite a boring episode. Bought out a bunch of plot points, but no pashing or hot looks by Damon – hopefully next episode is better.


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