Glee – S05.04 – A Katy or a Gaga

Glee is back. Yah! BUT EVEN BETTER – Adam Lambert is on tv. Man Miz likes him too. Wishes she can strut like he can. And boy he was awesome – Starchild is excellent. Gosh he can sing can’t he?

Yes, Miz is swooning. Likes it.

The episode after Finn’s tribute episode was always going to be a hard one. Miz’s verdict is that they managed to mention Finn nicely, but then return to fun pop songs!!! And fun pop songs is what Glee should be all about: pop battle Katy Perry vs Lady Gaga was a good way to power back to their roots. Miz isn’t a big fan of either of these artists (especially not their new stuff) but the acoustic version of Wide Awake was a highlight and the end scene (feat Roar) was a nice juxtaposition even if the original song isn’t a good one. They definitely did Gaga better first time around.

Marley is very good looking – Miz wants to look like her – but if Jake cheated on her, I hope she gets all Gaga-on-his-ass.

Rachel is clearly taking a back seat in this season so far, so it was a joy to see her sing, and enjoy, Roar. Her Funny Girl rehearsals must be super hard being a constant reminder of the loss of Cory/Finn.

Also, after reading mixed reviews on this episode, I have come to the conclusion that I wouldn’t be upset if the school part of Glee was dropped in its entirety and if the show moved to NY to follow that crew. Call me whatever names you will, but that storyline is much more interesting.


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