Criminal Minds – S09.07 – Gatekeeper

Season 7 of Criminal Minds has really stepped up it’s game – glory storylines and different directions and camera angles. However, this week’s storyline was a bit flat sadly – though the final scene made up for the unsub storyline failures. The credits to the director for this episode appear to be Reid himself – Matthew Gray Gubler – and if true, he did a fantastic job with the suspense and camera directions reminiscent of horror movies. Well done Reid!

The weak criminal storyline involved an unsub male whose son died during an accident when he was supervising him. This accident unhinged him, caused his marriage to breakdown and for him to have a killing spree to prove to his ex-wife that he could look after his family by eliminating any threats to them. He did this by killing “threats” to tenants in his building and keeping a scrapbook of his victims.

Hands down best scene was the gang singing at Rossi’s karaoke bar which was closing for good. Piano Man was an excellent sing-a-long song and it was great to see the team letting loose and having fun! Team bonding 101!


One thought on “Criminal Minds – S09.07 – Gatekeeper

  1. Yeah, I feel like I’m always less emotionally invested when we know who the killer is, but not why, straight up. It was meant to be very Hitchcock-ian (sort of a reversal of Rear Window), but we always knew the guy would get caught, so it wasn’t very suspenseful.

    I loved Garcia in the singalong! ‘How does it go? What’s it sound like? When’d you know it?’ So much love.

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