#TheBlockNZ – A lot of pain for only a little gain?

Unless you’re Alice and Caleb who walked away with a whopping $261k after winning last night’s auction, was last night’s auction worth it for all the trials and tribulations? Well done to the Pearson’s and this post certainly isn’t meant to put a downer on them – Miz is simply surprised that there was bittersweet discrepancy between the houses. Yes, all couples walked away with something (which is better than last year), but Miz is Team Loz and Tom 4EVS.

There were over 2000 entries to be chosen as a Block couple and this show showed the four chosen couples battle it over ten weeks, which was broadcast on our tv screens three times a week. All houses were zoned for Takapuna Grammar (Lorde’s old school) and were 100m from the beach; all were in one of the Auckland’s most expensive and locations. Last night tv3 recorded its highest rating show in the key demographic and for good reason – this show was addictive!


The houses sold for a wide range of prices:

  • Caleb and Alice: $945,000 reserve, sold for $1,126,000. A total of $181,000 profit.
  • Alisa and Koan: $948,000 reserve, sold for $1,014,000. A total of $66,000 profit.
  • Pete and Andy: $925,000 reserve, sold for $952,500. A total of $27,500 profit.
  • Loz and Tom: $922,000 reserve, sold for $947,000 A total of $25,000 profit.

Basically last night showcased three things to Miz:

1)      The judges on the show didn’t mean squat. Sure, the added money for a room reveal win is nice at the time, but doesn’t mean anything come auction night.

2)      Miz’s parents were right – parents always said that a house’s value is only dictated by what someone is willing to pay for it. True dat. House one was lucky in that three bidders wanted it which drove up the price. 95 bids were recorded over this very cute street front character villa property.

3)      How can anyone afford these houses in Auckland? Granted they weren’t first home buyers but still – a lot of money. That being said, Miz thinks they sold for under what they would have if the market hadn’t be saturated for four similar houses.


I realise that reality tv has it extreme risks – being painted as the villans by the editors and producers of the show (Alisa and Koan), have your personal attributed under stress rolled out in front of the camera (Loz and Tom), have screaming fans chase you at every turn for a chance at one true love (Pete and Andy), or you might just plain lose, but is this worth it? Probably not if you’re in it for a monetary gain (though tv3 have confirmed that they give the couples stipends and pay their expenses during filming). But if it leads to you having more DIY skills, being in the public eye, having to take 10 weeks off work… I dunno. Thoughts?


PS Anyone know where Alice and Loz’s dresses were from?



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