Revenge – S03.05 – Control

Miz was amped up from watching The Block. TechSupport was in bed. Miz still had wine in her glass. Thus follows Revenge. JJ, feel free to give an actual review soon ha! This is pretty much the one liners that Miz would have shouted if JJ was nearby slash feel free to read these while watching this episode. In summary: Nolan kills it in quotes this episodes.

Miz wishes she has a green and red security system to tell her when her alarm was enabled and un-enabled/disabled.

I guess Aiden hasn’t lied to Emily, but I would be pissed at him if I was her (pinning the brakes on Jack).

Topless Jack. YAH!

Patrick by a pool. Again.

Daniel’s speckled grey suit is okay. Is this new fashion? Have I lost track on what is cool or not? Heaven forbid.

Yip, Daniel and Emily should never been married.

i wants Vicky’s red lipstick. Reckon there is a site that sells that?

VICKY IS WEARING THAT DRESS?! That is like exactly like her Vera Wang wedding/vows renewal dress. Right? Or am I losing my mind??

Charlotte’s hair. Miz wants it.

Charlotte mentioned Sarah. Is that the one that Daniel hurt during drunk driving? Way low writers, way low.

Nolan asked Patrick about Mama Bear. CUTE> Also Patrick found out about Nolan approaching his ex-wife. Ru-row.

GO HOME French girl. That shade of yellow is all wrong on you. Also, take Daniel with you. Elope. Yes, do that.

Vicky’s hair is nice. Dare I say that unless Em strikes me down.

Why isn’t Vicky at her new art gallery job?

Have Jack and Aiden actually never met????? JJ, CONFUSED. Surely they have!!

Wants Nolan’s teal jacket.

“.. I’m kinda tired about how this stuff is screwing up our lives.”. Us too Nolan, us too. This whole scene had good quotes which basically sum up the entire show.

Yah half naked Aiden.

Swoon, Em’s dress and whole look. Stealing. Oh and then  in a later scene we see it is a black pants suit. No deal.

French girl is wearing shiny stuffs. It’s cool. But I don’t like racerback. I just don’t think that racerback makes for formal party wear.

Charlotte’s dress is ug. Colour is excellent though, just wish it fitted better.

Jack is Team Emily. They work out that Aiden is behind this. Boo. “Who are you”. “You can’t even trust the people you have on your side”. Aint that the truth.

Can I have Charlotte’s up do sans fringe when I get married?

Aiden is jealous. Well duh. Reckon Em’s will run off and be all revengeful on something that Aiden dictates/ nah-ah. Aiden will die.

Patrick has muscles. Yip yip. Pause.

6 months has gone by??? WTF. That’s not a summer.

Vicky is wearing sequins which Miz likes. Thigh slit, no deal.  sigh.

Daniel feels like he is playing a role. Well, he is. But sad that he has real emotions. Granted, they shouldn’t be together, but it’s still sad. The break up could have been done better though!!

“The more things you try to control, the more room for error.” Nolan is KILLING it with soundbites this episode. Can’t be upset about that.

CHARLOTTE did the brakes?! No deal. Argh, Charlotte, go home / off to college. No one likes you. Except your fringe. I like your bangs. There is no way that Conrad is being sincere. Also, I think I don’t like the actor that plays Conrad.

But then of course, Patrick did it. Maybe? What did she have over Charlotte to make HER confess. ARGH THIS SHOW!!! There’s no way she wants to protect Jack. This show makes no sense.

Is the boat the same place as she gets shot in her wedding dress? Or wedding rehearsal white fluffy dress?

You didn’t grow up in a house just like this. You grew up IN THIS HOUSE. So many lies.

Em tears. Sad. But she is a good actress. She doesn’t even like Daniel. Wedding saved.

Jack is going to go all INSANE on your ass as kid is out of the way.



One thought on “Revenge – S03.05 – Control

  1. Brief reply – having finally gotten up to date on this show again!

    Agree thoroughly on all fashion-related calls. Especially Charlotte’s updo (though I kinda liked the fringe!) – new plan, she can be in as many scenes as she likes if she just looks pretty and doesn’t speak.

    I like that Jack speaks truth to power and is vehemently anti-Aidan, although like you I’m confused as to how they never met before. Really?

    Am starting to think Patrick is a mer-person; he spends too much time by the water and is generally a slippery customer. Hehehe…

    Finally – Noaln is awesome, Margot and Daniel should go away and Charlotte should never get plots. Although I do get why she’d cover for Jack, as she believes he’s her brother-in-law through Amanda, Silly Charlotte.

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