The Mentalist – S06.03 (Wedding in Red), S06.04 (Red Listed), and S06.05 (Red Tattoo)

Miz and TechSupport caught up on the three most recent episodes of The Mentalist over Labour Weekend, so now should be up to date! Olster, we can now discuss all the twists and turns as they happen!!

– Reede Smith is a bad bad guy, but probably just an agent of Red John rather than the devil incarnate. He killed Kirkland and said “Tiger Tiger” which we now know is the code name for these agents. He was also so deadpan when Kirkland confided in him.

– Kirkland on the other hand wasn’t Red John, he was just on the war-path to seek vengeance for his brother, and his tactics were mean! He torched and tortured people on Jane’s fake suspect list and really you learnt he was as bad as Red John by killing innocent people.He got shot in the back 6 times and Wayne surely smells something fishy. Detective Cordera’s report was just weird and his manner was off. You go be a hero Wayne!!

– Sheriff McAllister could still be Red John though he isn’t afraid of heights (though this is could be a red herring of course). But at least he’s still in the running – even if he seems nice. There was some good banter between him and Jane so he may be playing him one way or another.

– Red John has a tattoo on his left shoulder. That should narrow down suspects, assuming you can get shirts off them!

– Cho isn’t Red John because he didn’t attack Kira Tinsley. I mean, he still could be but I hope not! Also, she was fishy from the get go – I was assuming journalist but yeah, she def had another motive.

– Grace and Wayne got married in what was the quickest engagement EVER, and Cho did cute stuff for their trip from the registry to their hotel. It was very cute!

– It is weird that Grace took her wedding dress to Napa. That’s weirder than her keeping the dress that she was going to marry the agent in. Who brings their dress wedding dress along on a work trip, especially when they aren’t even engaged?!

– Noone should propose at another person’s wedding. Firm belief.

– I wish I looked like Grace does in underwear and I don’t even have a kid!!! Wolf whistle of appreciation!

– Madeleine Hightower is alive and just in hiding. Yah her. It’s been a while since we’ve seen her (season 3 finale to be precise) “Next time I hear from you you better be telling me Red John is dead.” Jane: “Deal.” This was a telling line and showed her support for Jane, which wasn’t evident in the earlier seasons.

– Bret Stiles is missing. We haven’t seen or heard from him since the list was found. Could he be the father of Red John or something weird?


Prediction #1: Basically these last few episodes have made Miz think that we will find out who red John is soon, and then there will be a battle of wills between Jane and John – cat and mouse game if you will – rather than a simple death. Jane has to triumph but hopefully Red John is revealed soon and then it’s GAME ON.

Prediction #2: Still reckon Red John is Haffner and have for the last three blog posts. Oo la la -longest prediction being right ever ha. You’re so much smarter than everyone else but it isn’t helping you catch Red John is it? SASS. Also Haffner is a creep the way he eye-balls Lisbon. Shudder.

2 thoughts on “The Mentalist – S06.03 (Wedding in Red), S06.04 (Red Listed), and S06.05 (Red Tattoo)

  1. Can I add to prediction 1? I’m picking that the audience will find out who Red John is before Jane does. That way, we have at least one episode of “he’s behind you” sort of viewing.

    That said, there are still something like 16 more episodes to go in the season – you really think they’re not going to stretch this one out until at least the last two or three episodes?

    And I’m not sold on Haffner – he doesn’t give off a sense of ‘inner rage’ I’d expect. Creepy, but not the ‘uber-smart, hiding the cold and sadistic under a thin layer of civility’. Styles on the other hand, I could absolutely see. Perhaps, as you’ve previously noted, too obvious, but he really does fit the Red John profile I’ve built in my head.

    So, I’ll put my own prediction on the line – if it’s not Styles, then Red John isn’t one of the seven. Either the clue was deliberately close but misleading, or Jane made a mistake, and it’s someone that’s going to come a little from left-field – someone like the Visualize 2IC (as they’ve got to have some connection to Visualize).

  2. Yes, I like that thought. But then Jane is cleverer than me so surely deserves to find out first!!

    Sigh, if it is someone left field, I hope they go through and make sure it’s written properly (like HIMYM is).

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