The Mentalist – S06.02 – Black-Winged Redbird

Miz and TechSupport watched this episode and two reactions came to mind:

1) SHUDDER and DISAPPOINTMENT. There is totally going to be more than one Red John. URGH. Worst possible ending to this storyline EVER. Are they all agents? Or is Red John simply a collection of people? Too. Many. Questions.

2) YES DRONES. They are excellent. Techy godness.


So basically, this episode was one of Miz’s least favourite. Jane’s love/like of Lisbon was shown when he was worried about he and wanted to rid her of Red John’s smiley face, but rest of the episode was meh. Sophie Miller was dead from the beginning (remembering that Red John has requested Lisbon’s head through Lorelei in previous seasons) and surely Red John would have understood that doctors generally dictate notes so that “lead” could be another red herring.

Other points:

– A nurse came into Lisbon’s room looking for Carmen Lee. That name will totally pop up again.

– Reed asked Bertram who much Jane knew – what was that?!

– At least we were introduced to the Sheriff again. Miz didn’t know what he looked like.

– Lisbon is just as far into this storyline as Jane is. They will bring him down. A woman scorned and all that.

– Grace/Amanda is looking VERY slim (and lovely at that) after having a baby. She just glows. Motherhood must agree with her.


Miz would rather Red John was Cho than it be multiple people. I guess it could be an “organisation” but still… Unless it’s Visualize, this would be disappointing.


New prediction: Red John is Haffner. I think this is too obvious but I like his character the least so he’s hiding something. Maybe a death in family, double-lifeor something.


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