Criminal Minds – S09.05 – Route 66

It was nice to revisit Hayley’s impact on Hodge’s life, both as his wife/Jack’s mum, but also her death. Which remains as one of the greatest storylines that Criminal Minds has even done. The first scene in the theatre between Hodge and Hayley made me shed tears and it was a beautiful tribute to Hodge’s character, everything that makes him him, and loyal viewers who have been with the team every step of their journey. The flashbacks/bad dreams relating to her death were well done and bought up a lot of unresolved issues and acceptance of Beth in Hodge’s life. It was a bit weird for Criminal Minds but it was a lovely, fitting tribute and hopefully that means that Beth is her to stay. Liked it.

“Happiness is a choice; so choose.” He’ll choose Beth and he can love two woman at different times. TEARS.

While Hodge was in hospital reliving his life, the BAU team were chasing a sociopathic killer who ‘kidnapped’ his daughter (she wanted to run away and he helped her, but killed a bunch of people on the way). It was nice to see the team can operate without Hodge, but they were all so worried about Hodge that it was a bittersweet suspect chase, but it ended the best it could. Garcia was once again shown to be glue for the team. The anchor so to speak. Her care for every team member is lovely. She is a sweet sweet tech genius.

Verdict: Not your typical Criminal Minds, far from it, but it was fantastic. Well done.


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