The Block – Almost done… Predictions?

The auction is nearly here and Miz is looking forward to getting her weeknights back! But what a roller-coaster of emotions this show brings!!

Last night Loz had a cry and Tom stormed off in a huff. All over outdoor furniture which was too big for the deck. Miz and TechSupport watched this episode knowing that this would be EXACTLY the way they would handle the stress – but with added snarky comments. Probably the reason that they couldn’t ever do The Block (or and Miz’s fear of sandpaper and lack of muscles). I cannot imagine everyone in NZ seeing me handle stress and no sleeping, and I have commend Loz and Tom on their strength and that they still love each other after all the stress!! if anything the teary scene on tv reminded me that all the couples are real people who are simply close to breaking point and who want to go home.Team Loz and Tom!

Alice cracks Miz up and Miz would have her over for dinner and wines if she was ever in Wellington! Team Pearson!

Miz’s predictions for the auctions: Everyone will walk away with cash and all houses will sell above reserve. Alice and Caleb will probably win (but not by much), Pete and Andy will win fan favourites. Loz and Tom will almost win but will walk away with a bunch of cash. Alisa and Koan will walk away with the least amount of cash, but still with a decent wad to line their pockets.

Miz also reckons there will be a spin off show featuring Pete (maybe Andy) with road tripping NZ, or something like Country Calendar. The producers/tv would be silly not to cash in on their popularity at this stage, and the only thing that would hamstring this would be Pete missing the farm.


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