Revenge S3.04 – Mercy

Whew there was a lot of double-crossing in the air tonight! Hot on the heels (in show-time) of the revelation that Oh-Gods-Why-Is-He-Back, aka Aidan, was working *with* Ems, this episode’s Tricksy Little Hobbit award has to go to Patrick, for swapping teams with a fluidity that would make a dolphin jealous. But most importantly from him tonight – HE CALLS HIS MAMA VICKY. That means I can, also, because reasons. Yuss!!! However, their relationship is still really, really far from being healthy. Stop making it awkward, writers/directors/actors!!!

In more palatable story arcs, just in case we were confused about Conrad’s recent change of heart, and starting to doubt whether his two-dimensional villainy might be developing a third, morally ambiguous dimension, he becomes one of the few people to have a near death experience and decide to become a worse person because of it. Awesome. Also, he killed Fr Paul, and that makes me stabbity. Ems too, so his goose is well and truly cooked. And Daniel well and truly throws his lot in with papa and co., even going so far as to take relationship advice from the Man With No Friends, so no way will Ems spare him now. And that is all I will say about him. Because blah. Oh, except to say that his parting shot to Daddykins, about “I’m building this on hard work, not legacy”? Um, no. If you weren’t a Grayson, no-one would have invested in the mag, and you wouldn’t have even known who to approach. Asschapeau!!

In prettier news, I appreciated that Nolan told us he and Patrick were meeting at a Beach Club, because genuinely I had no idea what that weird pool-changing-room-sun-lounger-repository place was. For realsies! I thought it might have been part of someone’s house, or a Home for Gorgeous Menfolk What Have Become Entangled With Emotionally Stressful Wimmins. But no, Beach Club (whatever that is).

Back at chez-Noles, the techno relapse was adorably done, even if I’m still not sure how he intended to, y’know, *live* without tech. But he’s back in super hacker mode now, so yay! And digging up the dirt on Patrick! Yay! But still wearing a child’s grody bandana as an accessory. NO. BAD NOLAN. We talked about this just last week!!! *sigh*

I’m pleased to see how no-nonsense he is with Mystery Lady #17, aka Patrick’s Wronged Missus – “oh, hi, I know stuff. Wanna chat to me and my big wad o’ cash*?”

*Not a euphemism. Probably.

Ahem. Anyway, speaking of probably cynically calculated ‘romantic’ entanglements, the man himself (Patrick) was in fine fettle tonight – appearing to steal from Mama Dearest, only for it to turn out to be an *extremely* elaborate plot for her to punish her condescending and bitchy frenemy and steal a gallery. Nice work! The family that grifts together… should still not be so inappropriately Lannister-y! Gosh…

While I remain staunchly opposed to Jack becoming involved (because he needs to be the Good that Emily can turn to at the end of her wee journey), I do love them Doing Adventures together, plus being pressed up against derelict cars is good for the romantic tension, and turns out Jack is kind of awesome at Detecting. Also, I love watching Emily trying to protect Jack. Hopefully at some point he’ll realise and be grateful for her attempts to keep him safe, even if she did sort of make it sound like she might be planning to head to the altar with 2lb of Semtex as her ‘something new’. Which would somewhat preclude the possibility of a horse-and-Jack-and-sunset ending for her on account of she’d be spread thinly over a sizeable blast zone.

But I think we can all agree that the saddest point of the episode was when Conrad made his grandiose lol-I’m-still-a-jerkface / the-bitch-is-back speech, and mentioned his intention to take his “rightful position” as Master of the House, and then DIDN’T break into song. Such a waste. 😦



3 thoughts on “Revenge S3.04 – Mercy

  1. Patrick calls Victoria “Vicky”? Man, those sexual undertones are W.E.I.R.D. Every time they look at each other I feel like they are going to jump each others’ bones!! I’m glad that JJ picked up on this as well. Also are we meant to like Patrick as a non-Grayson/Vicky’s angel on her shoulder? I feel like we are. And that he is Vicky’s fairy godmother. Telling Nolan “what comes in must come out” (in relation to tides, not coming out of the closet, though nothing would make me happier) showed a conscious. But then he blackmailed (kinda) the art dealer (Shelia?). Weirdo and that character is just badly written I think.

    (I liked Emily’s makeup in the scene just after the hospital. Her eye makeup was neat. I wish my face looked like that. Also I want Em’s suit in the Nolan scene. Actually I think her makeup is the same in both/all scenes. Wants it on my face.)

    I don’t like that Emily is screwing with medicines and Huntingtons (well not anymore I guess). I just think this is a step too far. And Daniel CANNOT GIVE the police Em’s statement. Heresy and badness. Of course Conrad was the one driving, well duh. Stupid. Also how are Em and Daniel still together? I see no love or affection. No pashing. This relationship needs to ends. Immediately. Should have ended a long time ago. Daniel needs to NOT LISTEN to Conrad about ANYTHING let alone marriage advice: always fight and never surrender. NOT TRUE. Compromise. Freaking Conrad BAD ADVICE. It made me mad mad mad.

    I found this INCREDIBLY weird when Vicky said “I don’t know how to repay such kindness” to the art dealer (Shelia?). Like weird undertones (I know that this is probably because of Vicky’s coup to take over the gallery, but still very weird – I’d go for the larsony charge with the cameras the multi-million-dollar gallery no doubt has!). Either that or Vicky can’t act anymore. Also I hope that Vicky and Shelia should share the same clothes and wardrobe. They basically wear the EXACT same clothes (just in black vs white).

    Nolan’s neck bandanna is back. Say no. But I appreciated Nolan talking to himself “oh technology, will get you in trouble, just one, I can stop. Sweet core of connectivity. Come to Papa.” I enjoyed that immensely.

    Aiden is just a badly written character. Ringing Emily while inside the Grayson manor, not a smart move. Maybe that’s my feeling about his whole season – badly written characters.

    I disagree with JJ about Jack getting involved. I appreciate that Em wore black hoodie of doom and Jack helps get all bad ass. He desperately needs hope and revenge. Surprisingly, I like this match up of doom a lot. I think the writers are right with this one. And the romantic undertones make me all happy and gooey!! GO ANGRY SEXYTIME. But I am upset and disappointed with Aiden’s behaviour towards Jack. Boo AIDEN you’re off my Christmas card list. Though Miz is the first to admit he does go on and off this list often.

    And how does Charlotte like Vicky?! When and how and why did that relationship get patched up. Weird.

  2. Yeah I don’t know what was going on with Charlotte and Vicky, though TBH she could’ve had a big phone convo with her mama, all emotional-like, and I just tuned her out. I do do that.

    And Patrick’s not a guardian angel – he’s just as twisty as Vicky! But I think Vicky’s weird intonation on “How can I repay such kindness” was sarcasm, as Sheila was already being a condescending bitch. it was the equivalent of a cat putting back its ears – a sign you’re about to experience a bewildering fast descent into unhappiness.

    While I’m reluctant to discuss Daniel, I feel compelled to point out that, from what he’s seen of his parents’ marriage, he’s probably not aware you’re supposed to like the person you yoke yourself to for life…

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